The rightful leader of MDC and Zimbabwe is Chamisa

The Supreme Court judgment, seeking to address the constitutional problems in MDC, has not been used to the fullest advantage. It was hijacked by a few, claiming to be the advocates of constitutionalism, yet further violating the same constitution, using falsehoods. Sadly, instead of going back to the Courts, the other members of that party prefer attacking those hijackers in social medial. The Supreme Court judgment does not incapacitate the 2014 National Council, yet the hijackers make it appear as doing so.

There is a need to dispel the assumption that Chamisa is being deprived of leadership by ZANU PF, as that is not true. The reason why Chamisa is not in State House right now has got nothing to do with ZANU PF. But this is due to Chamisa’s inability to address his Achilles’ heel. Agreeably, Chamisa was catapulted to the vice presidency, by the late Morgan Tsvangirai, in violation of the MDC constitution. But this had a bearing of some supernatural guidance, impossible to understand by ordinary humans.

The delay for Chamisa to be in State House is a matter of addressing his Achilles’ heel. Here is the definition of the idiomatic Achilles’ heel, for the benefit of those unfamiliar with the idiom: “An Achillesheel or Achilles heel is a weakness in spite of overall strength, which can lead to downfall. While the mythological origin refers to a physical vulnerability, idiomatic references to other attributes or qualities that can lead to downfall are common.”

Those blaming ZANU PF for the current woes in MDC are not different from ZANU PF. The MDC problems should be viewed as displaying the weaknesses of God’s chosen leader of this country. David became the leader of Israel, after having been anointed by Samuel. God had already rejected the incumbent Saul, regardless of his fake repentance (1 Samuel 15:25-29). Yet there were twenty-five years of fugitive life, before David’s ascension to power.

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I am sorry for the ZANU PF supporters, there is nothing left in that party. The current existence of ZANU PF is due to Chamisa’s Achilles’ heel. Otherwise, ZANU PF died at the death of Robert Mugabe. If Chamisa knew the workings of God, he would not even be considering himself as fighting against ZANU PF to be in power. This is why David never considered Saul to be his enemy, even in his fugitive life, ducking Saul’s murderous intentions.

To reveal Chamisa’s Achilles’ heel, I will scan through some of his erroneous sentiments, approved by his supporters. The troubles of David started on the day that he killed Goliath. This was after some women supporters appeared as denouncing Saul, after the heroic achievement of young David. Unlike Chamisa, David remained respectful of Saul, who sought to kill him. Unknown to Saul was that no-one could reverse God’s intentions.

God appointed Chamisa to be the next leader of this country. The blunders of violating the constitution of the MDC cannot stop Chamisa’s ascendance to State House. Contrary to those citing ZANU PF machinations, nothing can stop Chamisa from getting into State House. Technically, Madam Khuphe is the leader of MDC, according to the Supreme Court ruling. But Chamisa is the rightful leader, with or without the support of the majority from his party.

The starting point is to know that in this universe there is nothing like absolute rightness or absolute wrongness. The only measure, that determines what is right, is the application of the greatest good to the greatest number of people. Anything benefiting only a few, at the expense of the majority, should be regarded as evil. Similarly, anything prejudicing the minority, at the expense of the majority, should be regarded as good.

This should not be interpreted as implying that something is right, as long as supported by the majority. The consideration is on survival benefits, rather than being harmful to the group. For instance, out of group instinct, the crowd could follow a direction that leads to death. Yet the same crowd could be saved by one person, enlightened ahead of others.

The fact that Mnangagwa is in power right now, is not, necessarily, due to ZANU PF machinations. Although appearing as such, in the eyes of ordinary people, ZANU PF is in power, only because of Chamisa’s Achilles’ heel. This was first highlighted in one of my postings at Nelson Chamisa’s ascendance to the MDC T leadership, after the death of Morgan Tsvangirai. See [Lessons from the behavior of MDC’s Chamisa].

That contribution may have been dismissed by those taking comfort in the popularity of Chamisa. Another problem in Zimbabwe is that politics is interpreted according to ZANU PF archaic mentality. That culture assumes that one is an enemy when portraying a different opinion.  Yet ZANU PF should now be regarded as existing in the history textbooks.

There are those claiming that Chamisa is a God-fearing man. That may be the case, only when comparing him with ZANU PF. A person who fears God does not worry about what people say about him, necessarily. He is driven by God’s will, more than the people’s wishes. A God-fearing man is not a pleaser of humans but seeks to please God at all times. Unfortunately, Nelson Chamisa appears as one taking too much comfort in being hero-worshipped.

It may be true that, currently, no-one compares with Chamisa, described as the man of the people, in the media. Unfortunately, such adulations could exactly be what sustains his weakness. His Achilles’ heel is pride. It is not clear, whether David became boastful, after killing Goliath, as people got, naturally, inclined to support him, ahead of Saul:

“As they danced, they sang: ‘Saul has slain his thousands, and David his tens of thousands.’ Saul was very angry; this refrain displeased him greatly. ‘They have credited David with tens of thousands,’ he thought, ‘but for me with only thousands. What more can he get but the kingdom?’ (1 Samuel 18:17).

There is no need to question the behaviour of Saul, at that time, as God had rejected him, already. Apparently, David doesn’t appear as one having taken comfort in those dancing and singing in support of his achievements. Chamisa’s enemies claim that he, unconstitutionally, outfoxed the other two vice presidents to be in the position of MDC leadership. There is more to it.

Chamisa’s problem was in assuming that the voice of the people was the voice of God. This is what many people, especially, those from ZANU PF, assume. The voice of the people is not always the voice of God. If Chamisa is having problems, right now, it is because of listening to the voice of the people, rather than listening to the voice of God.

There may be people assuming that politics means copying ZANU PF’s ways of doing things. But, if there is anything to learn from ZANU PF, it is its negative behaviour to be avoided in leadership. In other words, any political party, seeking to have an impact, should simply learn what to avoid in ZANU PF. This includes sloganeering and denouncing the so-called opponents.

Having assumed leadership in MDC, Nelson Chamisa promised to produce the best model in leadership. Currently, he appears as the best politician in Zimbabwe. His opponents assume that leaders come to power, without God’s involvement. Chamisa’s opponents are not only in ZANU PF but also among those from his own party. But there is no doubt that, for Zimbabwe, God is working with Chamisa, right now.

The MDC stalwarts had better be guided to support Chamisa, even with the alluded weaknesses, against him. Otherwise, this country will continue to be in the abyss, for the unforeseeable future. But his success is possible, only when he listens to the voice of reason, more than stroking pride. Recently, in Chitungwiza, he showed that he is yet to understand his Achilles’ heel when declaring: “It will not take us two minutes to get Harvest House if we want.”

Such boastfulness can only be associated with ZANU PF and should be avoided by a person claiming to be guided by God. So far he has done well to bring in Fadzai Mahere into her camp. His opponents use that appointment as the reason that makes him a dictator. But, good leaders are not enslaved by constitutions. What is important is focusing on the greatest good for the greatest number of people to be served. Although willing to listen to various voices, a good leader keeps focused on issues that bring the greatest good to the greatest number of people.

Zimbabwe fell onto a false independence assumption in 1980, when failing to put God ahead of everything. Everyone assumed that independence meant the removal of a white person from the position of leadership, replacing him with a black-skinned leader. But that is not the definition of independence, which simply means self-determinism, by those concerned. This does not mean being submissive to dictators, necessarily. Listening to God’s voice, as accessible to all God-fearing people, is associated with doing unto others as one would like others to do to him.

Leaders come and go, as democratically chosen by the people, themselves. In other words, independence empowers people to choose how they want to be governed. Ian Smith may have been correct, in suggesting an evolution, rather than a revolution. People needed education, before assuming independence, so as to apply responsibility in decision-making. That is why, currently, everything is in favour of Smith’s theory, after all.

There is nothing called independence without responsibility, which implies voting wisely, for those in governance. The so-called revolutionaries served to completely remove self-determinism from the ordinary populace. They changed the meaning of independence to mean exercising hatred against opponents but submitting to a dictator. This is what led us to the confusion that we are currently reeling under. Emotional reactions are used in place of good judgment and reasoning, instead of the other way round.

By attacking Madam Khuphe and her supporters in social media, Chamisa’s supporters are only manifesting the entrenched ZANU PF violent culture. The culture of violence against opponents should be discarded as archaic, in a new civilization. This is what makes it impossible for ZANU PF to reform itself. For ZANU PF to come back, it has to be through a revolutionary reformist, not associated with the current fiasco, in that party.

Just before the 2018 plebiscite, Chamisa chanted the “dira jecha” rhetoric. This resonated well with the multitudes of his supporters. But, certainly, not sponsored by God, in whom Chamisa professed to owe his allegiance. Where did that come from? Except assuming that the Legion of his supporters would be the ones to help him to march to State House? But that confirms his Achilles’ heel. Such supporters should be regarded as the liability, rather than his strength.

Perhaps the “dira jecha’ rhetoric was used, to intimidate ZANU PF? The rhetoric could be one of the reasons why the election was stolen. That rhetoric unnecessarily presented an opportunity for ZANU PF to falsely portray MDC as associated with violence. This includes his threats like: “We will protect our vote, and make the country ungovernable if ZEC fails to abide by the rules!” But, why? What are Constitutional provisions, if ZEC fails to abide by the rules?

But, if ZEC fails to apply their constitutional mandate, why not use the courts and leave everything to God? Listening to God more than listening to any other voice is what Chamisa needs, to be in State House. It is not by might or any power that he would ever be in State House. The multitudes of supporters are useless, without God, who is the only one to remove ZANU PF anytime He feels like, without anyone’s involvement.

The fact that God chose Chamisa as the next leader, after the demise of Mugabe, does not mean Chamisa is wisest among all. Unfortunately, it is his supporters’ ignorance of this, thereby pushing him to engage in unwise decisions. But, currently, Chamisa remains as God’s choice, as far as the country’s leadership is concerned. All progressive Zimbabweans should appreciate that ZANU PF is history, as no longer necessary for the media to give it relevance.

The leadership of this country is bestowed on Chamisa, whether some people feel uncomfortable or comfortable. Our security forces and other government instruments should facilitate ways that lead to the installation of Chamisa, for normalcy to prevail. Opposing Chamisa can be as good as opposing God’s will. But Chamisa and his followers ought to appreciate that there cannot be any other way towards the State House, except as designated by God. Looking to God makes that achievement easier, than looking elsewhere.

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