As a Zimbabwean deacon serving in the Grace Communion International (GCI) fellowship in Harare, I felt compelled to write upon observing my country’s declining standards, which I attributed to self-centeredness. I realized that changing our mindset on living was imperative. Embracing altruism, which prioritizes others’ well-being over one’s own, proved effective in tackling social issues, making writing my sole means of communication.

Altruism, the selfless concern for others’ welfare, reveals that personal issues are resolved when one focuses on solving others’ problems. This principle operates like a law, yielding predictable outcomes when applied correctly. Similarly, this can be observed in that successful businesses thrive by meeting their customers’ needs.

My contributions are solely reflected on my website, as my education deviated from the formal system. I left school at twelve in 1966 due to unavoidable circumstances. In 1968, my mother’s efforts allowed me to rejoin the formal education system and complete my Grade seven examinations in 1970.

With basic literacy skills, I pursued informal education, which honed my writing skills. Nonetheless, I attribute my ability to write to divine inspiration.

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