I am a Zimbabwean, serving as deacon in the Grace Communion International fellowship in Harare. However, this work is solely the responsibility of the Author and does not necessarily reflect the views of GCI. I was basically driven to write, after noticing the deterioration of standards in my country, which I adjudged as being caused by self-centredness. I became convinced that it was only the mind-set that needed changing, on the generality of the populace. With the unquestionable clarity on how workable altruism was, in addressing social ills, writing became the only communication channel at my disposal.

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Altruism is selfless concern for the well-being of other people, more than the concern for self. My discovery is that all personal concerns get addressed, only after having taken concerted effort to address other people’s problems. This principle is law, as results are as certain as applied, accordingly. This is just as is well-known that all successful businesses are a result of fulfilling what their customers need.

In the world of snobs, I honestly hold nothing attractive, but I believe I have a message to change people’s lives for the better. I dropped out of formal education at age twelve in 1966, due to circumstances beyond my control. Two years later, my mother had to play tricks with the educational system of that time, enabling my readmission into formal education, so that I could at least, write Grade seven examinations in 1970.

Equipped with the basics in reading and writing, I was to later embark on informal education that shaped my current writing abilities. However, I direct all credit to the Almighty God, as my writings are a product of inspiration that transcends all manner of educational systems of this world. I therefore deserve no credit at all, except that those benefiting should focus on giving glory to where it belongs, than being obsessed with my background.

For anyone desiring to engage me in communication, I am accessible by email: dsaharzim@gmail.com or