Q1: Is newcivilization.co.zw Christian or non-Christian?

Answer: Newcivilization.co.zw, applies Christian principles in accordance with Jesus teachings. However, it does not consider any doctrinal pattern as better than others, among diverse Christian denominations. Each individual’s beliefs are fully respected, in alignment with that person’s convictions, yet the denigration of other people’s convictions is wholly discouraged; viewed as anti-survival. We seek to highlight pro-survival issues against anti-survival issues, based on Jesus Christ’s teachings on unconditional Love. Perfect ideas of survival from other pro-survival organizations are considered on merit and aligned to Jesus’ principles, even when such organizations may not necessarily ascribe to Christianity.

Q2: Where is newcivilization.co.zw organization headquartered?

Answer: The organization is at its formative stage, being initiated on this website. The author is currently located in Zimbabwe. Naturally, the structure will eventually be formulated and adopted by adherents; enhancing the growth thereof. Anyone can become an influential participant in its exciting development, depending on that person’s skills and input, eventually shaping the structure and location of the organization. Nevertheless, God will be given charge in directing everything, where humans are only used as instruments.

Q3: How can one qualify to be a member?

Answer: No criteria whatsoever. As long as one realizes the purpose of life being to add value on other people, regardless of their background, that person is at home. Just as God loves all humankind, those of the newcivilization.co.zw follow the same pattern. We are in the business of adding value on other people, without regard of their background.

Q4: When is the book “Dimensions of a New Civilization” going to be published and how will it be accessible to the general public?

Answer: The book has since been published, print copies of which can be obtained through Lightning Source UK, a branch of Ingram Spark and their distribution network partners. The e-pub is through lulu.com, and available through various other digital book distribution channels. Information will be made available, as soon as the book is launched in Zimbabwe and copies stocked in local book stores.

Q5: What makes newcivilization.co.zw different from other pro-survival organizations?

Answer: There is no difference, as long as such organizations are guided by the love of fellow human beings without considering their racial, religious, political or social background. The newcivilization.co.zw welcomes all pro-survival ideas without discriminating on the basis of race, colour or creed.

Q6: What is the view of newcivilization.co.zw, with regards to anti-social groupings such as Boko Haram, Satanists and Homo sexual groups?

Answer: All humans were created in God’s image and are basically good. Such people need love. Their behaviour comprises the reasons for which newcivilization.co.zw is being established. The reason why societies have such people is not a result of scarcity in security measures, but scarcity of love that drives away such iniquities. The newcivilization.co.zw seeks to provide abundant solutions to those engrossed in such activities.

Q7: What is Love?

Answer: Love is characterized in unconditional service to other fellow human beings, contributing to their survival and well-being as Jesus demonstrated (1 John 3:16).

Q8: What is Christian faith?

Answer: Christian faith is belief in Jesus; appreciating His ability to pilot those who submit to His way of life. It is not a religion but a way of life that emphasizes altruism. As directed by Jesus, Christian faith is basically opposed to self-centredness.

Q9: How can one be saved?

Answer: One is saved at the point of accepting Jesus as personal Saviour, thereby moving away from a life of self-centredness, adopting the altruistic mindset, in agreement with Jesus’ way of life.

Q10: What is Heaven?

Answer: Heaven is the state of being in the Spirit with God. A physical person’s way of life is the opposite of what was created in God’s image, being Spiritual condition whose appetite is loving concern for fellow humankind. A physical human generally thinks in terms of self interests without appreciating the concern for other fellow humans, unless led by the Holy Spirit (John 14:3).

Q11: What is Hell?

Answer: Hell is life of misery, being a result of pursuing self-centredness in one’s life. Those taking comfort in self-centredness are exposed to misery in this life and the life to come. They cannot experience the Heavenly beauty made possible through Jesus’ altruistic way of life.

Q12: What is Church?

Answer: A Church is ordinarily understood as being a building, or an organization comprising Christians of the same fellowship. However, Christ intended for it to comprise those led by His Spirit, regardless of which denomination one may belong to (Matt. 16:18). Christ leads those people in the Spirit, as opposed to those led by doctrines in accordance with the dictates of their respective clerical leaders, among those diverse denominations.

Q13: Where is the true Church?

Answer: Those looking for a true church may themselves be still guided by self-centredness, instead of altruism. They would be in need of deliverance; still trapped in condemning those viewed as not belonging to what the questioner considers as the true church. Deliverance is moving away from such thinking and committing oneself as an instrument of God through Christ who seeks to save people from sin, regardless of apparent existing background.

Q14: Was Jesus married?

Answer: Whether married or not, that question bears no relevance to the agenda of salvation. The scriptures reveal how sinless lives can be lived in altruism, through Jesus Christ, who was as human as all of us are. Marrying or not having been married would not have encroached upon  Jesus’ mission on serving people here on earth.

Q15: How can I engage with and be part of Newcivilizatio.co.zw?

Answer: Newcivilization.co.zw welcomes any and all those concerned with human survival. It is not affiliated to any religious organization and currently not sponsored by any organization. The author can be contacted anytime, either by phone: +263712349806, or by simply completing the Contact us directly form
All questions and concerns will be addressed without delay and any possible advisory information being accordingly adopted on merit.