Justifying Khuphe’s group as Zanu Pf Project

One should understand madam Khuphe and her friends when refusing the tag of being ZANU PF project. This is just as ZANU PF is regarded as representing that which is evil, in this analysis. Nevertheless, even ZANU PF would completely deny representing that which is regarded as evil. What makes ZANU PF evil is born out of consideration of being right where others would be viewed as wrong. The idea of seeing oneself as right, where others are wrong, is exactly the mentality that brought ZANU PF into existence. This is the mindset that causes marital divorces and other dissonances in society.

This evil concept comes from a reactive mind without rationality into it, as sustained by lies. Without lies, it is impossible for such a diabolic mindset to exist. Accusing another person is always followed by justification, seeking to prove how right the accuser would be. For the simple reason that there is no human being who can be found to be without fault, one finds himself having to manufacture lies, to justify being right.

Nothing else is a source of evil in this world, other than this terrible mindset. For instance, a marital divorce may be initiated by a promiscuous husband, who then accuses the wife of the same iniquity. The sin of infidelity would be what characterize his nature. It could as well be the wife behaving in that manner. Although the sin of infidelity is used here, only as an example.

Sinful behaviours can be as many as there are sins in this world. But such reasons emanate from the idea that one would be right, where others would be viewed as being wrong. All evil is represented in assuming that another person would be wrong, as compared to oneself. This is different from isolating evilness, as not to be associated with the person concerned.


The Pharisees who brought an adulterous woman to Jesus suggested stoning her. They could not understand the cause of evil being centred on viewing another person as evil when compared to self. Their evilness presided on the assumption that the adulterous woman was evil and they were righteous. Of course, nothing justified the adulterous woman as blameless. Their evilness was in assuming being right where only the adulterous woman was evil. Jesus exposed their hypocrisy by inviting anyone of them to be the first to through a stone at her.

Currently, in ZANU PF there is a faction that is known as G40, being considered as an unwanted element. But, when soberly reviewing the circumstances, leading to the existence of G40, nothing evil is found in that faction. Their sin is assumed as being the unwillingness to subscribe to an idea of betraying Robert Mugabe, as a leader at that time. Anything that violates the principle of doing unto others as one would like them to do unto one is evil.

Those alienated against G40, would definitely not desire to be toppled in the way Mugabe was toppled. Yet they still find the G40 elements to be unacceptable, for having defended their incumbent leader, at the time? This is just as a thief views one who reports him for stealing, to be an enemy, yet the opposite would be true. A good friend cannot allow his friend to commit evil, which may lead the same friend to trouble.

Let’s delve into how an animal called ZANU PF came into being. Before ZANU the idea of liberating this country had been represented in a united party, led by Joshua Nkomo. The idea that one is right and others wrong was first muted by a man called Michael Mawema. After the banning of the original ANC, the liberators came up with the idea of forming NDP, in 1959.

Interestingly, Michael Mawema is said to have been the one who suggested the new name for Rhodesia to be Zimbabwe. Joshua Nkomo had been in exile at the time so that Michael Mawema was appointed to act as president of the new party. On his return, Nkomo was then conferred with the leadership of NDP, sidelining Michael Mawema. Apparently, this may have not gone well with Michael Mawema.

The seed of dissension was sown at that time, although not clearly captured as such in history. Remember what is evil is constituted in seeing others as wrong and oneself right. Michael Mawema did not have support from the people. But the evil seed of dissension was sown though him. Apparently, this seed of evil remained, as culminating in the formation of ZANU in 1963.

I suppose there would not have been anything wrong with forming a rival party, at the time. But that, which should be viewed as wrong is causing discord within the organization in which one subscribes membership. An organization is sustained through an agreement, by which members would be expected to abide. The agreement code describes how to handle dissensions within the organization.

Anyone, pretending to be in agreement, but with a different agenda, would be a liar, and therefore evil. In marriage, you have a person making marital vows, yet failing to abide by those marital vows. That person would be untruthful, and as evil, as to cause a divorce, afterwards. However, even though caught in adultery, a truthful person might be forgiven, as long as genuinely confessing his or her sinful conduct.

Interestingly, when soberly looking into the history of the liberation struggle, one sees that violence was not, necessarily, directed at the enemy. ZAPU and ZANU were fighting against each other, after the formation of ZANU. This generated the lawlessness that could not be sustainable, at the time. This is what catapulted Ian Smith into power, with his idea of LOMA (Law and Order Maintenance Act).

Fast forward to our time, we see Mwonzora and his friends projecting themselves as right, viewing everyone in their MDCA party, wrong. Nothing is amiss with being right where others are wrong. It takes only a person with a clean mind to simply resign and form one’s own party, without disturbing the existing structures. That person tries by all means to avoid problems.

This is exactly what the former chairman of MDC T, Lovemore Moyo, did. He did not agree with his comrades and simply decided to resign. Being what the men of principle do, if unable to convince their comrades to do the right thing. However, in Douglas Mwonzora’s case, we see a person who seeks to prove that everyone in MDCA was wrong, except himself.

The problem with democracy is that the views of the majority stand, as long as one retains membership in that group. The most reasonable thing, if failing to convince group members, would be to resign. Or seek legal recourse, similarly to what the Gokwe man did, though having caused the existing problem.

What is interesting is that those now in the forefront, in occupying Harvest House, seem to have sidelined the initiator of the legal recourse. It seems they were not interested in correcting what was wrong but seeking to benefit themselves. That behaviour is evil, even though their argument can be legally justified. It is like a wife or husband appearing as using the courts for fairness. Yet applying the verdict for own interests, as interpreting it for purposes of subjugating his/her spouse.

That would be manipulative of an unwilling spouse to then do what would be against his/her will. Obviously, that marriage would remain unworkable. An evil person can be observed as using such court judgments to convince everyone that he/she would be right and his/her spouse wrong. This describes the culture of ZANU PF. Consider the formation of the Patriotic Front, in the seventies. The fighters had been brought into appreciating that they had a single goal, of liberating the country.

Everything appeared as workable. The Patriotic Front forces went to Lancaster House, seemingly, with a united purpose. Ordinary citizens were made to believe that the Patriotic Front would put aside what divided them into the early sixties. But, the spirit that brought ZANU PF into being, could not be left unfulfilled.

Evil conduct is born out of an idea that other people are wrong as compared to self. Before making conclusions, marriage counsellors should first check whether the complainant would not be the trouble causer in that discordant marriage. Such complainants see themselves as victims at all times. They hold good reasons to dissociate with the other person, even without sufficient reasons. An evil person is exclusive. That is why you hear about the idea of “chinhu chedu.” Meaning, this is our thing, where others should be excluded.

That describes the nature of ZANU PF, formed in 1963. Listening to Mwonzora’s group’s boasts about attaining Harvest House, one realizes the effect of ZANU PF mentality. This describes a self-centred mentality, which resonates with the culture of ZANU PF. Of course, there may be others holding similar mentality within MDCA.

This is just as there may be some ZANU PF members with a mindset that is different from the general behaviour of ZANU PF. The former youth leader of ZANU PF, Godfrey Tsenengamu, displayed the fact that not all ZANU PF members may have an evil mentality. There certainly are good people in that party, some of who could, actually, remain in that party, only out of fear.

It is reported that General Tongogara was murdered for suggesting that the Patriotic Front should campaign as a single party in 1980. How could any normal person take comfort in opposing such a suggestion? When talking of evilness, it should be understood, in terms of the murderous mind-set. During 1980 celebrations, little did people realize that they were, actually, celebrating that which had an evil foundation.

I suppose, even today, there are many people in ZANU PF who still believe that the Matabeleland massacres were justified. But if you sit down to reason with such people, it is possible to help some of them to regain their sanity. The most important lesson is found in the definition of evil—being the assumption that others would be wrong—where one assumes being right. All evil hangs in that kind of mentality. Quoting the Old Testament Scriptural references, the Apostle Paul had this to say:

All have turned away, they have together become worthless; there is no one who does good, not even one.” “Their throats are open graves; their tongues practice deceit.” “The poison of vipers is on their lips.” “Their mouths are full of cursing and bitterness.” “Their feet are swift to shed blood; ruin and misery mark their ways and the way of peace they do not know.” (Romans 3:12-17) (NIV).

That which is evil about human beings is making others wrong and oneself right. The fight against Rhodesia’s Ian Smith is unnecessarily elevated into having been a justifiable struggle. But looked at in light of this revelation, nothing justified the shading of blood. Historians should factually document that, actually, in that struggle, the evil blacks killed more of our black people than the evil whites killed black people. This is undeniable.

The combatants fought on the pretext that the whites were wrong and the blacks were right. However, a fair analysis recognizes that not everything is bad about whites, after all. This is as true as not everything is good about black people. Both goodness and evil are principles associated with humans, but not descriptive of particular humans. Good and evil are principles that can be accessible to any human being.

Unfortunately, the wrong behaviour is observed even among the established churches. In fact what characterizes Christian denominationalism is the idea of assuming being right, where others are assumed as wrong. This idea of justifying oneself, makes a person feel comfortable. Yet the mind of a Christian is to make a difference where evil exists, rather than practising the now exposed evil.

As a popular opposition party, the MDCA party could learn from this principle. MDCA should realize that the only way to dislodge ZANU PF, is to practice the opposite. Otherwise, it is possible for MDCA to recycle and perpetuate the ZANU PF mentality, for another forty years, after accessing an opportunity to assume power. The role of Christians should be that of making a difference in an environment as diabolic as currently prevailing in Zimbabwe.

The philosophy of doing unto others as one likes them do unto is be easy. It is translated in avoiding the assumption of being right, where others would be assumed as being wrong. God created every human being in His own image. The duty of every man is of service to another fellow human being, as opposed to being of a disservice to other fellow human beings.

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