Why should women be vulnerable, in presence of men?

I was touched by a recent speech by Michel Obama, especially where she mentioned that the dignity of any society is measured by how it treats its women: www.theguardian.com. I desire to add voice on the plight of women and children, everywhere. The future of any country lies, not only in raising the awareness of value, inherent with women, but promoting stoppage to people of Donald Trump caliber.

The degradation of women has been much of nausea for too long, whichever way one looks at this. Unfortunately, I have observed sad examples of women, being on the fore-front, promoting male chauvinism, especially in our crude African politics.

My casual analysis reveals that the weird politicians of Donald Trump’s caliber draw most of their support from women?  Most of the ululations and natural applauds, for such crude characters, come from the majority of women?  It seems as if showing general respect for women decency and dignity is something being viewed as unfashionable?

The track record of our Zimbabwean politics is that of staunch women supporters of such male chauvinism. Some women are actually known to have come up with motivational songs, with relics that have nothing to do with nation building or human values, but promoting the men of such bigotry ilk.

The reason why I go along with Michel Obama’s speech is that it resonates with what I have helplessly observed, for many years, in our country. Let alone thousands of those women, unable to be listened to, yet with stories of rape, causing impregnations, on reason of supporting a wrong political party…?

Those women have nowhere else to go for recourse, except being forced to support such barbaric men, who think politics is about taking advantage of the weak. We have children whose mothers cannot point at who their fathers are. Such women are of good character, but dehumanized by beastly men who believe that women were created for sexual pleasures.

One of the reasons I dislike listening to the Matabeleland disturbance stories, is that I keep blaming myself for not having stood up to protect the innocent at their time of need. Nevertheless, such stories need to be dramatized as much as possible. Supposedly, such dramatization might, some day, raise sufficient awareness among normal people to stand up against similar future occurrences.

A human being is different from animals, whose behavior appeals to natural instinct. A lion is a predator to other animal species. While the hunted species might find lions to be unacceptable, those lions are necessary to keep the hunted animals in balance. This is how God created nature.

However, human beings have got something special that needs preservation, as identifying with the Creator Himself. I find women and children to be what it takes to care about the future. All of us are products of women, whether male or female.

Mothers are natural guardians of young children, in need of guidance towards future survival. This may be the reason why the venom of Satan is aimed towards women than men? There is need for men to be helped to appreciate the significance of their being male. A man is supposed to be a protector of women, all the time. However, most men have taken up the role of being prowler, instead. So that women are left in state of vulnerability, coupled with hopelessness.

How many Donald Trumps do we have in the world, today? What kind of response should be accorded to men of such behavior, except incarceration?  Do we still have men who believe that the purpose of surviving on earth is basically to protect women? The fatherly nature of a man is supposed to be copied from the fatherly nature of God. However, it seems most men have been led to believe that women were simply created for men’s joy in pornographic pleasures?

It is a sad thing that such a speech, as good as motivating to most people, comes from Michel Obama, who is a woman. Where are real men, as expected to take their leadership role in protecting the vulnerable in these vulgar times?  I just hope that men will soon wake up to the reality that they were created to protect, not to abuse what God created in His own image.

May women take comfort in that there are still good quality men out there, willing to take up their leadership positions in protecting vulnerable women and children? Let us hold hands together and move forward with courage, in confronting the maniacs of this nature. Otherwise, this world is on the verge of drowning in filthy ogrish calamities of human degradation.

May women appreciate the fact that other than their gender, nothing separates them from their male counterparts, whatsoever? We were all created in God’s image, whether male or female (Genesis 1:26). But, possibly, for helping us as humans to appreciate the significance of relationships, the role of gender is to help us develop methods, in exercising Godly love.

Even though I am unable to express it by voting for Hilary Clinton, I am supportive of most of the things that the Democrats stand for. My view is that the American people are not different from me. Just as all people around the world are not different from me. Other than their stance on abortion, I am highly supportive of the Democrats’ views about the protection of women. I just hope and pray that one day the Democrats will be enlightened to appreciate that, if ill-treating women is bad, abortion is equally bad.

I suppose even the idea of abortion comes about as a result of leadership vacuum among men. Those claiming to be the champions of anti-abortion may fail to appreciate that the real cause of such scourge are irresponsible men, assuming that women were created, simply for purposes of male pleasures? Those American people, not appreciating how disgusting the leaked tape by Donald Trump was; must be sick in their minds. May God intervene to save humanity?

Andrew Masuku is the author of Dimensions of a New Civilization, laying down standards for uplifting Zimbabwe from current state of economic depression into a model for other nations worldwide. A decaying tree provides an opportunity for a blossoming sprout. Written from a Christian perspective, the book is a product of inspiration, bringing reliefs to those having witnessed strings of unworkable solutions––leading to the current economic and social decay. In a simple conversational tone, most Zimbabweans should find the book as a long awaited providential oasis of hope.

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