Where to, Zimbabwe? It’s time to distinguish the Suppressor

Problem is that a suppressor is not easily distinguishable. A reckless driver is the one with a tendency to blame someone else, rather than accept responsibility for wrong driving. When accepting responsibility, two possible developments could take place. Either the driver corrects the wrongness, or accepts being not the right person to be on the steering wheel.

Under normal circumstances, justification is a sign of irresponsibility and lack of civility. Justification causes government leaders to appear comfortable, under such appalling conditions. The naïve of the general populace, are convinced, that it is necessary to endure hardships, under current rulers. Such rulers are viewed as God-given—assumed as impossible for Zimbabwe to survive, without them.

One of the handicaps of human nature is failure to appreciate that being human implies fallibility. Pride is always to blame in causing people to assume being eternal, rather than being fallible. Humility implies acceptance of being fallible. The irony of it is that proud people do not want to be associated with pariah, yet it is pride that leads to pariah.

This world has people who would rather kill to remain in power—yet their governance indicates shameful failings. What complicates things further, is that such failings, are markedly associated with those in black skin-color. There is nothing wrong with the black skin-color—which simply depicts a person’s genetic lineage. Unfortunately, the common men assume that the skin-color is the one that causes a person to be corrupt, for instance.

With confusions that permeate across the world, many people, would rather prefer changing their skin-color, if that were possible. Nevertheless, ignorance is to blame, rather than the skin-color of an individual. But ignorance itself is caused by suppressors who prefer subjugating, rather than granting beingness, to the people they despise.

What goes unheeded by many people is the prevalence of insanity, which is associated with suppressing other people. There is a marked phenomenon that comes with assuming that other people are inferior. What prevails, in this world, is taking for granted that other people were created inferior, or superior to others. But this happens to be a lie of all ages. All humans were created in God’s image.

When the despiser of another person observes the despised one rising up to superiority, the same despiser feels threatened. There may not be any reason to feel threatened, but the person who despises another person feels threatened, nevertheless. The invalidated person might not even be aware that his/her success would be viewed as dangerous by the one despising him/her.

The despiser might, actually, succumb to serious illness, or insanity, when unable to stop the success of a despised person. The fear would not be real, but it results, when the despiser subconsciously views danger in the success of the despised person. This may be dismissed as untrue, by those claiming to be authorities in higher learning—especially in psychology—but it is true.

The unqualified dismissal of this revelations confirms what goes on in the minds of those predisposed to invalidate other people. When feeling threatened, the despiser attempts to employ various tactics, including character assassination of the one despised. This, obviously, is another cause for witchcraft. The bottom line is that the person feels threatened—when observing the despised person attaining some considered higher status.

Unfortunately, when floundering without the knowledge of this piece of information, the despised person often succumbs. The person starts by believing a lie that he/she would not be anything else, except what is portrayed by his/her suppressor. After all, throughout his/her life the person would have been subjected into believing that he/she would be inferior to the suppressor.

As desiring to be viewed with respect, the suppressed person then seeks the approval of the suppressor. The adulation that comes from the suppressor becomes music, in the ears of the suppressed person. But such adulations from the suppressor would be designed as condition to lead the invalidated person to conform to the suppressor’s viewpoints.

The suppressed person gets commended for suppressing—or gets encouraged to suppress those in his/her surroundings. It has generally been considered that those blacks—granted with white suppressors’ approval—become chief suppressors of their fellow blacks. Until now, the hidden datum has been that the suppressor feels threatened when the suppressed person achieves greatness.

Those blacks who become adulated by their white oppressors—might not even be aware that they would be used to oppress their fellow blacks. Though adulated, the formerly oppressed person gets manipulated to oppress his own people. This revelation happens to be what precisely sums up the origin of the wickedness, commonly associated with black Africans.

But the skin-color is only pronounced here, as conveniently helpful in our illustration. Suppression cuts across the general behavior of humanity, in any other sectarian consideration. This starts at the point when the person viewed as inferior gets promoted. This invites the feeling of threat, to the suppressor.

If unable to achieve results in attempting to maintain the suppression on another person, the suppressor might succumb to serious illness. This may be the origin of most stress-related illnesses. Some medical practitioners may not like the release of such information. Obviously, this is because this reduces their status and income. They similarly feel threatened, when such information is publicized.

This happens to be one of those phenomena that underline everything unacceptable with this civilization. Survival information is deliberately suppressed by those who desire to maintain their status of dominance over other people. Although not possible for suppressors to exist for eternity, they leave behind, such awkward legacy, to be adopted as normal, by succeeding generations.

There is a thing called culture, which may probably be the worst carrier of such unacceptable behaviors in human society. It is culture that molds the assumption that people were created in classes—where one class is supposed to dominate, or be dominated by another, for instance. Like anything of problematic nature, falsehood is always to blame.

Education, ought to be most important in human civilizations. But our education is primarily based on falsehoods. Education is designed to impress, rather than advance the betterment of other humans. A person calls himself educated, when viewing himself as better than those in his surroundings. This happens to be the opposite of what Jesus—the way, the truth and life—advocated.

To adopt the teachings of Jesus it is not necessary to acquire certification. The truth of Jesus is not, necessarily achieved academically. The teachings of Jesus point to eternity, rather than temporary adulations from ordinary humans in this life. That teaching is not influenced by lies—leading to assumption that successes of other people threaten survival.

It is a philosophy that enhances, instead of suppressing other people. There is no other person in this world that ever demonstrated wisdom and knowledge, more profoundly than Jesus. What is most sickening is that the name of Jesus is heralded more by the people who, themselves, are the worst suppressors.

They dress in ways that distinguish them as good people, thereby, making the name of Jesus appear as associated with pomposity. To the suppressors, survival is associated with pomposity, yet the reverse is true. Very few people are able to see through such subterfuge.

The majority of people approve of pompous characters—desiring to be like them, in the process. Behaving like suppressors is viewed as fashionable, when, actually, it ought to be viewed as embarrassing. The educational system needs to be revamped, as it is on the educational system where all evils emanate.

Right at the bottom of suppression is pride. It is impossible for one to regard another fellow human being as inferior, when not influenced by pride. It is also not possible for a person to regard another fellow human being as superior, when not influenced by pride. The mechanics are the same, whether viewing another person as superior or as inferior.

Those viewing other people as superior, hold some proclivity to view themselves as also superior to those viewed as junior to them. The earlier illustration showed that a suppressor—feeling threatened by a junior—would rather manipulate the junior to behave like him. This is why everyone seeks to achieve greatness, on the basis of suppressing other people. Hence, feeling threatened when observing successes of other people.

All this reveals the wickedness that permeates across humanity, in this world. Suppression is the order of the day—but no-one ever admits being a suppressor. Nonetheless, that person would have subconsciously adopted the philosophy of being a suppressor. A person feels good, as longer as other people struggle under his suppression—desiring to also become suppressors.

Having adopted a position of being a suppressor, it becomes impossible for one to ever consider value, in the teachings of Jesus. Such teachings are considered foolish—as much as this civilization is fixated on the idea that other people are superior, while others are considered inferior. Suppressors would prefer manipulating the teachings of Jesus, in order to keep the suppressed people under their subjugation.

There can never be truth in that suppressors would subscribe to true Christianity. But, even the suppressed people would swear that, indeed, there are superior and inferior people in this world and God approves of that condition. They maintain that it is normal for those considered inferior to remain in their status of inferiority.

It has now been approximately forty years that our country has been subjected in misery. The rulers would rather die in power, than being reduced to being ordinary. As far as they are concerned, the preservation of their status is of utmost importance. They feel threatened, when imagining those that they have subjugated over the years, ever coming to positions of superiority.

While there is an aspect of desiring to protect their ill-gotten gains, the unreal threat, as highlighted above is also the factor. Bear in mind that even pilferage, itself, is driven by desiring to maintain an elevated status. However, it is only a small-minded person who desires to be adulated by other fellow humans. Those of small minds prefer being identified with possessions, rather than being identified with good things done for other people.

But God never created any person with a small mind. Out of feeling threatened, a person renounces his/her own potential capabilities, to adopt what pleases the suppressor—who might not even be seen physically. Suppressors may, actually, only exist in the person’s imaginative mind. The only way a person can be freed of this fallacy, is by adopting ideas, as taught by Jesus Christ.

Pride is the only sin that Jesus came to deal with (John 1:29). If, perchance, each person sees value in other people, marvelous achievements would be experienced. The despised people would be encouraged to achieve their potential. Humans are different, but each must fulfill the purpose of his/her own existence. Each person is great, regardless of whatever the person considers him/herself to be. See [Is there anyone greater than others in this world?].

What currently prevails in Zimbabwe, ought to be a lesson to other nations. This is when considering what is workable, as compared with what is unworkable. The philosophy of focusing on self, at the expense of other people, can be blamed on former white oppressors. Those assuming being more important, as having brought independence, adopted oppression as their right, for instance—based on what they copied from their white oppressors.

Forty years of poor governance should serve to disabuse those having believed falsehoods rather than the truth. Such truth remaining in that all humans, created in God’s image—are as important as the person assumes himself to be important. That happens to be the only way that brings happiness and success in all people’s endeavors. Those disseminating such information are the blessed ones.

What is equally unacceptable is despising or hating those holding onto the myth that makes suppressing other people acceptable. There is no need to despise ignorant people, who assume being knowledgeable. This is why Jesus prayed for His suppressors—viewing them as people who did not know what they were doing. In fact, by hating such people, the person would have placed him/herself in the same category with them. This is why Jesus declared:

“You have heard that it was said, ‘You shall love your neighbor and you’re your enemy.’ But I say to you, Love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you, so that you may be sons of your Father who is in heaven. For he makes his sun rise on the evil and on the good, and sends rain on the just and on the unjust” (Matthew 5:43-45) (ESV).

Andrew Masuku is the author of Dimensions of a New Civilization, laying down standards for uplifting Zimbabwe from current state of economic depression into a model for other nations worldwide. A decaying tree provides an opportunity for a blossoming sprout. Written from a Christian perspective, the book is a product of inspiration, bringing reliefs to those having witnessed strings of unworkable solutions––leading to the current economic and social decay. In a simple conversational tone, most Zimbabweans should find the book as a long awaited providential oasis of hope.

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