The untapped value on individual personalities

In areas of their jurisdiction, the governing authorities ought to carry the responsibility to cater for human survival. This does not, necessarily, mean providing food packs to citizens, without the citizens contributing anything. The value of any human being is in what the individual is capable of doing for others. Even children are known to be keen to contribute, helping their parents, more than enjoying being provided for, without giving back anything.

There is no dispute in the assumption that human life is more valuable than anything else in the physical universe. Clearly, there is justification in decrying abortion and ill-treatment of children. Hope is there, even in the mentally disturbed people, deserving to be treated with dignity, even in their deranged conditions. This is a fundamental principle, adopted by thriving civilizations.

While true that some people are more of a liability than being valuable in societies, human life, still deserves treatment with dignity. Medical practitioners are known to put up with terminally ill patients. There would be hope in that some miracle could manifest, eventually resuscitating life.

A government of the people engages in activities that help citizens to discover their potential in life. Education is significant, only when helping others in the environment. To be valuable, one has to discover his/her talents and abilities. It is unnecessary to learn other people’s talents unless similarly gifted.

A civilization that makes no difference between human life and animal life, is wicked. For survival, humans are expected to supplant wickedness, with goodness. There is no other way to enhance life, except by removing the undesirable challenges and utilizing one’s talents in life.

A country is in trouble, with citizens who are not engaged in some activity, as to add value to human life. God sent His only begotten son, to rescue humanity, from the state of uselessness to worthwhileness in life. God knows the value of humanity, more than any human being has ever known, in this world.

Having been created in God’s image, no human being is without productive capacity. Through communication and good education, humans can be assisted to discover their potential talents. Good governments help citizens to discover their potential talents. This is what sustains a thriving civilization, as opposed to looting, due to assuming that money is more important than humans.

Out of greed, someone studied medicine but was not driven by a passion to be in that profession. The person may be gifted in other areas, assumed as not popular, or not highly remunerating. There is nothing worse than doing what one was not created to be, in this life. Envy and greed, cause ordinary humans to be engaged in activities, other than what they were created to be.

Human beings are more valuable than gold, money and other natural resources of a country. It is extremely undignified for citizens to keep talking about the country’s valuable mineral resources. A blessed country has citizens seeking to become more valuable than mineral resources.

Nothing is wrong with becoming emotional against foreigners coming to loot natural resources from one’s territory. If aware of being more valuable than mineral resources, citizens cannot allow foreigners to take advantage of them. Without knowledge, citizens could assume that other nationals are more important than themselves. A wicked government is more concerned about making money than preserving the dignity of its subjects.

A Chinese explorer coming with an intention to extract mineral products considers the mineral products, more valuable than humans. That viewpoint is, obviously, wicked and should be resisted by the mentally balanced people. The people are more valuable than mineral resources. This is where the Zimbabwean people should wake up.

It is inhuman to blame other people when such things take place in one’s backyard. Mineral resources cannot match human value. Investors should first develop locals, imparting them with necessary skills, before embarking on other investment activities. The candid question ought to be: Who benefits from a foreigner’s so-called investment?

The most tired, but useful concept is “Indigenization.” What does indigenization mean and what is its impetus in a country, in general? The term refers to the Zimbabweans taking responsibility in areas of investment and economic development. This is not coming from hard and protracted thinking, except common sense.

The value of a human being cannot be compared to physical objects, regardless of the world viewpoint. Those declaring that the Zimbabwean economy is growing fast, without taking into consideration the aspect of human value, are insane. Those stalking the streets of Harare are more important than the fancied mineral resources, anywhere in the world.

Politicians should focus on raising value on Zimbabwean youths, most of who are graduates from universities. Anything else is rhetoric, and should not be taken seriously, by ordinary Zimbabweans. The real problem in our country concerns youths, who do not even know the reason for their existence.

Human beings are more valuable than mineral resources. How can one invoke value in personalities, for Zimbabwe to become competitive in the world of injustices? Without education, any country is as useless as any other unusable object. Suggesting that those from other countries should then come and loot, is like suggesting that the inhabitants are nonexistent.

Each citizen holds some responsibility to protect human life. The value of each citizen is found in what one is capable of doing for other fellow humans. There is no other technique towards subsistent survival utilization. You hate yourself when supposing that you hate those in need of survival, like you.

God never created valueless human beings, regardless of race, or poor education. Jesus did not suffer humiliation, for ornamental minerals. Jesus died for human beings, created in God’s image. There is nothing wrong with humans, except failure to appreciate having been created in God’s image. A human being is the most valuable creature, this universe has ever known.

The value of an individual is in benefitting another person, rather than benefitting self. This is just as the diamond value is in being cherished by the diamond dealer. We live in a world that assumes humans are less valuable than mineral objects. This is a lie, deserving to be contemptuously exposed.

An unpolished piece of diamond is still valuable, even though appearing as crude. The polishing of that diamond may cost money, necessary before marketing. This is what has developed the considered prosperous nations.

Both hard and soft questions require a soft answer on why humans are not similarly treated. Why are professional merchants not so concerned about human development? The greatest lie rests in assuming that money and mineral products are more valuable than human beings.

What type of educational investment do those born in our country need? Clearly, self-centeredness is the cause of all problems. The educational curricula that do not take into consideration the aspect of valuelessness in self-centeredness, should be discarded. Value in humanity is sustained in enhancing life on other people, in general.

Nevertheless, the human value should not be mistaken for enslaving or being enslaved by other humans. Each individual carries some peculiar talent. A good education helps individuals to achieve their potential value. A truly educated person is identified by his intrinsic talent, as long as living in this world.

A person created in God’s image is not identified by skin colour. That person is identified only by skills, not achievable by others. The reason why humans are more valuable than mineral products is that mineral products are similar. Yet a person created in God’s image is the only one of his/her kind.

The majority of those lying in graveyards died without tapping their potential value in this life. They died desiring to be recognized as valuable. Some of them assumed themselves as valueless when compared with others. Criminals also desire to be treated with dignity.

However, the value of an individual is not found in accumulated wealth, but in what benefits others. All criminal activities are caused by the wrong assumption that value is sustained by the accumulation of wealth. Education without considering value to be in giving, more than in receiving, is useless.

Education is expensive, but it is as easy as helping a person discover his/her intrinsic talent, to be able to serve others. Humans negate themselves when told that they would be less valuable. School children get convinced of which courses to regard as important and which ones to be disregard as unimportant.

There are three categories sustaining human life. The first one consists of the low class, characterized by poverty. Those are people holding no ambition for their existence on earth. To such people, life is about living miserably, until the attainment of old age.

These are the people who die without any hope, or reason for living in such conditions. In Zimbabwe, these are the people mostly found in communal lands. While life appears miserable in those conditions, they seem content. The second group consists of those in the middle income.

Those are wage earners, in a stable economic environment. Most of them aspire to lead better lives but their actions are punctuated with failure to take responsibility. They are commonly suspicious of those becoming achievers, as being conservative in their approach to life, in general.

This describes a stratum of salary earners, like teachers, nurses and other corporate employees. They pay pension and hold insurance policies, to secure their retirement plans. Their children are encouraged to follow in their footsteps. They are always conscious of normal standards of living, but seemingly unaware of any other purpose for survival.

To be relevant, they attend churches, where they hold positions of authority and are faithful in paying tithes. Lastly, we have the third category, consisting of upper echelons in society, who are a mixed grill. In this stratum, we have natural achievers, who probably would have achieved what their contemporaries would have failed to achieve.

Some of them could be talented in sport, music or any other admirable achievement, considered as significant to society. But in this top echelon category, we also have suppressors. There are people, who, on attaining top positions, in this life, seek to block others from attaining such levels. They make it appear as if they were the only ones entitled to achieve those levels.

A good example could be that of dictatorial politicians. But such characters could be found across all other professions, including corporate executives or even Church leaders. They take comfort in driving showy vehicles and staying in very expensive suburbs and they are fond of being worshipped.

At that level, we also find corrupt people, having accumulated inexplicable wealth, but also sustained in that category. Ignorant people generally consider life worthwhile, when living comfortably, as to be worshipped by others. This is wrong and could be what has caused all insanity, existing in this world.

There is no human being who should be regarded as better than others. This brings us to an apparently weird educational system. The titles, conferred on achievers in educational systems are what has caused the educational system to be a mockery. I could be a lone voice in this averment, but this is true.

The great achievers, like Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, and others, could not only be regarded as School dropouts but were also considered educational rebels. Yet they represent the pillars in current world civilization. Unashamedly, authoritarians in educational systems would rather prefer remaining in their acclaimed authoritarian arrangement, than acknowledging this reality.

The greatest minds of this world, continue to be suppressed, except for the resilient ones, like the aforesaid Steve Jobs and Bill Gates. The first genius to be suppressed was Jesus Christ. There is no record of Jesus having gone through some acclaimed top-notch school system. Hence, Jesus was rejected, even as He displayed unparalleled knowledge.

Those leading worthwhile lifestyles are determined to serve, to the best of their abilities. They use their talents in such ways as to give their best. There would be no mediocrity in such achievers. Their aim is to serve, more than being obsessed with wealth accumulation. The best example of such service was provided by Jesus, who also extensively taught about that kind of civilization.

Service is the most important factor in this world. There is not a single person who should be regarded as superior, even though having achieved what others failed to achieve. Each person holds peculiar abilities in all facets of life. The only reason why this world, generality comprises failures, is due to talented people being suppressed by those assumed to be authorities.

Other than suppression we have the aspect of ignorance. Ordinary people pursue professions that are prescribed by others, rather than by themselves. The majority may not even be aware of their own superior quality talents. Such people are too respectful of those in authority. The upshot of it is that humans are more important than ornamental objects in this world.

Andrew Masuku is the author of Dimensions of a New Civilization, laying down standards for uplifting Zimbabwe from the current state of economic depression into a model for other nations worldwide. A decaying tree provides an opportunity for a blossoming sprout. Written from a Christian perspective, the book is a product of inspiration, bringing relief to those having witnessed the strings of unworkable solutions––leading to the current economic and social decay. In a simple conversational tone, most Zimbabweans should find the book as a long-awaited providential oasis of hope.

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