Racial consciousness is as retrogressive as introversion.

America carries its unforgivable sins, one of which is its involvement in devastating wars across the world. But credit ought to be awarded to that nation, in terms of its constitutional stance on racial matters. The same now applies to the United Kingdom, currently led by a Prime Minister of Indian origin. It would, certainly, be unheard of, for a retrogressive nation to allow that to happen.

The luminaries of our liberation struggle, Joshua Nkomo and Josiah Tongogara, had insisted that the Zimbabwean liberation war had not been against the whites. The struggle had been against racial discrimination. The two considerations are distinctly different. Among the liberation fighters were those projecting the factor of racism, contemptuously also extended to tribalism.

There is no doubt that among white Rhodesians, were soldiers who assumed that the war was for maintaining white domination. Hence, the liberation struggle was reduced to a racial war. However, it is also true that other whites despised racism. Britain appeared to be against Ian Smith, but conspicuously against true democracy.

Unbelievable but true, a careful analysis reveals that Ian Smith’s policies were founded upon a desire to uplift black people. This is more than the projected assumption that Britain was fighting against Ian Smith, for refusing to hand over power to the black people. In this universe, there will always be a cause for every effect. The existing conditions in Zimbabwe are a result of what was caused, rather than just a random phenomenon.

The granting of Zimbabwean independence was on condition that Britain would continue to benefit, one way or the other. Britain considered an ethical government unacceptable, for reasons that it would make it impossible for Britain to benefit. The unnoticed British treachery was in desiring to control the country’s mineral resources, through corruption.  They sought to grant independence, where their puppet would be in power.

For Britain to remain in control of the Zimbabwean economy there had to be a semblance of black majority rule. To achieve that, tribalism had to be covertly supported. From that angle, one can see the hidden racism in Britain, which is wrongly considered a powerful nation. The racist considerations would be used through fanning tribalism among the uneducated black people.

The Lancaster House negotiations were not factored into the spirit of uniting Zimbabweans. The common British agenda was to protect the white community, viewed as more civilised than the black people. That was untrue, but workable for manipulating the African people. Civilisation cannot be racially classified. No country is civilised, as long as some sections of the human race continue to live in ignorance.

The humanistic considerations cannot be classified on racial terms. Human dignity, classified as Ubuntu, in African terms, cannot be sustained by racism. There are good and bad people across all races of the world. The concealed British racist policies went unnoticed by the entire Zimbabwean populace. Instead, Britain was hailed for brokering a falsified independence in Zimbabwe. Everyone was considered a loser except ZANU Pf. But in reality, everyone was a loser, except Britain.

The propagandists highlighted, tribalism more than conjecturing the unity that appeared as projected by common people. The propaganda planted the seed of making black people uncivilized. This was similar to how currently; the Zanu PF government has projected disunity in opposition. The propagandists have highlighted disunity in CCC, more than CCC’s apparent unity that surprised Zanu PF in the August 2023 elections.

Whether driven by monetary gains or tribalism, Sengezo Tshabangu is highlighted as noble. Like gossiping, propaganda is a tool used for manipulation by antisocial characters. The British facilitated the fanning of tribalism among black people. The blacks focused on fighting each other, thereby protecting white racism, assumed to be the reason for having engaged in the liberation struggle.

Who could suspect the British’s nefarious racist considerations, behind the scenes, when focusing on Mugabe’s Gukurahundi? The usage of appropriate words to describe Britain’s racist agenda is yet to come. Mugabe was projected as radical, and yet, behind the scenes, a darling of the British government. The façade was Mugabe’s highlighted tribal agenda. Gukurahundi was blamed more than the racist white community. That highlights the effectiveness of propaganda.

The massacre of the Ndebele people served to protect the white community. While advantageous for a short time, such shenanigans cannot be sustained long. The British strategy worked, for the first few years, until Tekere smelled the rat. Unfortunately, Tekere could not be taken seriously, by the Zimbabwean populace, due to his constant drunken condition.

The British duplicity was exposed in the year 2000, by the same Mugabe they imposed on people, in year 1980. Facing the threat of losing power to the newly formed MDC, Mugabe decided to invoke the suspended acrimony against the whites. Mugabe was well aware of British duplicity, having connived with him to cheat his Patriotic Front colleague, in 1980.

The British government was quiet when Gukuruhundi was unleashed against the Ndebele-speaking populace. The same British government immediately became vocal on human rights violation issues when the land was taken from white farmers. In my view, it is unfair to judge Mugabe negatively, while exonerating Britain. The racists and the uninformed nonracist people, throughout the world, will forever, view Mugabe’s evil practices, without ever saying anything about his British handlers.

Evil characters are worldwide, regardless of race or tribal background. These are proud, but commonly introverted people. It is always about what benefits them more than what benefits the majority. Greedy people should not be classified according to race or tribe. They are effective instruments for manipulating the majority, through the propagandistic machinery.

The introverted people are effective instruments for corrupt politicians whose governing systems protect self-interests, ahead of the common good. China’s policy does not tolerate corruption by its citizens. Anyone found to be corrupt is sentenced to death. Yet, the same China allows its citizens to enter into corrupt deals with African dictators.

The sad thing is that while corrupt leaders revere China, the same China disrespects such dictators. Corrupt leaders respect China, even though China brazenly loots their resources.  This proves the point that China’s appearance of supporting black people cannot be sustainable.  Tribalism and racism should be grouped as anti-survival. They project introverted characters that are manipulated by retrogressive elements across the world. Neither should tribalism be considered worse nor better than racism.

Tribalism no longer exists among developed nations. However, on a global scale, racism is covertly sustained by tribalism among fringe African societies. It isn’t true that Africans are stupider than their white counterparts. This is just as there cannot be truth in that Africans can be wiser than their European counterparts if given a chance. It is merely the disinformation that keeps uninformed people projecting falsehoods to sustain antisocial activities.

The anti-social characters speak in broad generalities. If one of my sisters behaved immorally, the anti-social characters would spread a blanket rumour that the entire Masuku women are immoral. It is trendy to hear jilted women projecting statements like: “All men are dogs.” A racist comment uttered by one white man is taken as projecting the entire white community.

Street beggars are commonly attributed to black communities, even though this is a common scourge across races. Nevertheless, some races are adequately equipped to handle such phenomena. It takes only normal people to regard people without tribal or racial considerations. Forming opinions, according to observable realities, comes from degraded humanity.

All humans are equal and deserve to be treated similarly. Race, class, status, tribe and many other observable attributes, are not reasons for forming opinions. Such opinions are promoted by retrogressive elements, unaware of the destruction they cause. Out of ignorance, ordinary people are quick to advocate hatred against anti-social characters.

They become contemptuous without realizing that they would be duplicating wickedness. The fact that antisocial people treat other people inhumanely does not necessarily invite treating them, similarly. The antisocial characters feel better when treated badly than when loved. Cursing or using any vulgar language is what they love most. Their nefarious activities are enhanced by being projected as evil. This is what most people fail to understand.

Hatred inflames hatred, thereby being harmful to everyone, including those projecting hatred towards evil people. Progressive people are always constructive, rather than destructive. The retrogressive people consider constructive conduct, stupid, yet being the only window for human survival. This is how this world is reduced to hell.

On one hand, introverted characters focus on destruction, promoted by egocentric people, taking advantage of such introversions. This is just as funeral undertakers find benefit in high death rates than in low death rates yet being helpful to bereaving families. Social characters are those treating humans, without considering their backgrounds. These are the people who heed counsel from the Book of Hebrews:

“Keep on loving each other as brothers. Do not forget to entertain strangers, for by so doing some people have entertained angels without knowing it. Remember those in prison as if you were their fellow prisoners, and those who are mistreated as if you yourselves were suffering” (Hebrews 13:1-3 NIV).

The anti-social characters are not necessarily anti-religion, as found across humanity. They find religion quite convenient for their nefarious activities. Religion can be used to manipulatively hide their interests. Antisocial characters can be found in the top echelons of religious societies. They appear good in the eyes of ordinary people but are destructive.

The Pharisees, who filled positions of authority, were disdainfully antisocial. Separatism, whether on racial or tribal grounds, is as retrogressive as introversion is retrogressive. Separatism is as deadly as cancer is deadly. Our toxic world is a result of those taking advantage of racism, tribalism and class segregation.

At birth, humans are mystified, by being associated with their parents. Those parents could be poor or wealthy. The most poisonous thing would be to make any of those children feel deprived or feel privileged being born under such peculiar circumstances. No one can claim the right to be born under any condition.

It is always the introverted characters who assume value in self-consciousness. Introverted people are commonly manipulated by antisocial characters. It should be noted that introverted people are not necessarily anti-social. They look harmless but are deadly.

They may be highly dignified, except being unaware that the negative conditions affecting humanity are caused by their introversion. These are the people who get manipulated by the anti-social characters. The problems of humanity cannot be solved without first exposing true causes.

The person’s background is the one that shapes his character, rather than his racial outlook. A person is not necessarily wicked because of his skin colour but is wicked because of his character. This is just as a person cannot be good because of his skin colour, but because of his dignified character. How can good people contribute towards better living for humanity?

Good people are everywhere; and capable of making a difference, whenever addressing bad conditions in their environments. The problem starts when they choose to be introverted. It is at that time that wicked people take advantage of their lack of involvement in developmental programs. Introverted people assume that minding one’s business is good, without realizing its impact on introversion. That is what creates the genesis of human problems.

Goodness in life is found in doing something to improve conditions in the livelihood of humanity. Some advocate migrating when things go wrong. Such are the introverts, sitting in the comfort of blaming others for the bad conditions in the environment. Those people are not different from racists, who can never be credited for anything in this life, except living for themselves.

To them, life is about themselves and their children, to whom they impart the same philosophy of introversion. They are commonly respected as good people, in societies, but are used as the instruments of wickedness in the environment. Racism, tribalism, and other separatist conditions thrive, due to these innocent-looking people, in the environment. This is allowed by suppressors in government, taking comfort in manipulating conditions for selfish reasons.

The wicked characters in leadership are the ones taking the brunt of criticism. But, the wicked leaders are sustained by introverted characters. The introverted characters appear good in the eyes of the public. But when met privately, they express their contemptuous disapproval of the environment but are unwilling to do anything about changing it. They are not aware of the responsibility that is demanded of them.

Human beings are different from animals or any adjacent objects. Humans are expected to contribute towards the common good of the environment. Good people are not racially conscious, but humanly conscious. They always ask themselves what can be done to change the environment for the better. Jesus said such people should be regarded as the light of the world.

 Andrew Masuku is the author of Dimensions of a New Civilization, laying down standards for uplifting Zimbabwe from the current state of economic depression into a model for other nations worldwide. A decaying tree provides an opportunity for a blossoming sprout. Written from a Christian perspective, the book is a product of inspiration, bringing relief to those having witnessed the strings of unworkable solutions––leading to the current economic and social decay. Most Zimbabweans should find the book as a long-awaited providential oasis of hope, in a simple conversational tone.

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