Pseudo revolutionaries are the worst enemies

The Pan-Africanist agenda is either a scam or a racist agenda driven by ignorance. The whites may have committed the worst atrocities against blacks, but this does not mean the blacks never committed crimes against their fellow blacks. But, perhaps nothing proves this reality than the Zimbabwean story.

The liberation struggle is considered as having been a worthwhile cause. The blacks were treated badly by the racist whites, according to the saleable narrative. But, was the idea of racism coming from the colour of the skin or from the reasoning capacity of those concerned?

The idea of differentiating humanity is not necessarily a matter of skin colour. It is a matter of both ignorance and insanity. Imagine the Hutus, passionately seeking to eliminate the Tutsis in Rwanda? The Pan-Africanists are known to peddle the narrative that colonialism initiated tribalism in Africa.

Through propaganda, it cannot be difficult to advance such a narrative. Dividing people according to tribe, class or any other form of segregation is quite convenient for controlling purposes. However, the need for controlling people is necessitated by ignorance, affecting the controlled people.

If there is anything wrong with colonialism, it may have been controlling ignorant people. However, it is wrong to limit this to colonialists. All wars across the world are instigated by desiring to control people. No one wants to be controlled but everyone wants to control other people.

The idea of controlling other people is the scourge of humanity. No human being can claim not to be guilty of it, except the spiritually redeemed. When Jesus came He found the Jews practising authoritarianism, outside God’s Laws. Jesus had to specifically instruct His disciples against the idea of controlling others.

“Jesus called them together and said, “You know that the rulers of the Gentiles lord it over them, and their high officials exercise authority over them. Not so with you. Instead, whoever wants to become great among you must be your servant, and whoever wants to be first must be your slave—just as the Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve, and to give his life as a ransom for many” (Matthew 20:25-28 NIV).

God’s idea for a better living, for humanity, does not give room to exploit other fellow human beings. There is no theory that surpasses knowledge from Jesus. Sadly, Jesus’ teachings are under the manipulation of those attracted by controlling people. Such authoritarians practice exactly the opposite of what Jesus taught.

The idea of controlling people appears noble but could either be a scam or another manifestation of ignorance. Authoritarians could sincerely assume that they would be serving God. The surprising thing about human behaviour is that those controlled, rarely see anything amiss with those authoritarians.

Ordinary people seem comfortable under slavery. The colonialists took advantage of the black people’s ignorance. Many blacks were, actually, comfortable under the subjugation of the white community. It is not true that all blacks regarded white people as suppressors.

Even today, some people feel that they were better off under the subjugation of the white colonialists. Yet, others criticize those they view as mentally disrespectful of their African identity. The submissive people may, actually, be better than those advocating for antipathy against white people.

As an example, our Zimbabwean situation could conveniently illustrate the point. The bitter armed struggle, leading to the attainment of independence in 1980, was waged. How worthwhile was that struggle? Let alone the lost opportunities, regarding what could be gained from the colonialists.

The liberation struggle cannot be an interesting episode when narrated by those having gone through the armed struggle. But when carefully reviewing the cost-of-benefit analysis, not many war veterans can be proud of having participated in that liberation struggle.

This applies when considering the reality that over twenty thousand people were massacred immediately after independence. The killing escapades were carried out by those assumed to have sincerely desired to liberate black people. Immediately after independence, those killed in Matabeleland and Midlands were much more than those killed by white colonialists, over a longer period.

This proves unrealistic that the whites should be regarded as more wicked than the blacks. Nevertheless, the white settlers cannot be absolved, as they also failed to control those blacks, during their tenure. They allowed tribalism to dominate among blacks. They considered tribalism as convenient for controlling the uneducated blacks.

The entire African continent is no longer under colonization. However, the colonial imprint persists, although now practised by blacks, on other blacks. The governing authorities often complain about imposed sanctions, resulting from human rights violations. The human rights violators are those calling themselves “Revolutionaries.”

Sanctions are considered unfairly imposed by the former colonial masters. The entire SADC region stands in solidarity that European nations are treating Zimbabwean authorities unfairly. This does not take into consideration human rights violations are perpetrated by the same governing authorities. The principled reasoning demands that what is right should not require solidarity.

African solidarity drives the reasoning that it is acceptable to blame whites, for whatever is wrong in Africa. But that is what promotes the dependency syndrome, even though claiming to be independent. Blaming the whites confirms the viewpoint of white supremacy.

China would rather bribe those African government authorities, using them to suppress their own people. The African solidarity suggests that other African states should not interfere in issues of governance. This comes under the banner of Pan-Africanism.

Africans are subjected to mental manipulations by the so-called revolutionaries, advocating pan-Africanism. This is more than black Africans were manipulated by former colonialists.

Africans are safer without the idea of Pan-Africanist solidarity, which encourages stupidity, rather than practising innovation. Africans, just like any other race, need freedom, which is not obtainable in solidarity.

The Members of Parliament under ZANU PF, get maintained by means of solidarity. This describes a dysfunctional parliament, rubberstamping the common agenda of its leader, at the top. Those legislators pride themselves as Pan-Africanists.

Although elected to advance concerns from their constituencies, those legislators have to toe the line. They cannot entertain advancing anything else, except what comes from the man at the top, if desiring to remain in parliament. Advocating for progress is nullified by the Pan-Africanist agenda.

The proponents of Pan-Africanism use terms like, “Ideology”, in place of philosophy. This is captured unscientifically, from the views of yesteryear politicians. To defend that “ideology”, modern thinkers are regarded as retrogressive. Everything has to be channelled through the questionable ideology of solidarity.

However, when analyzed objectively, one finds no survival content, in African solidarity. Its significance can only be described in death. The derivative of solidarity is solidity, which implies immobility. There is no freedom in solidarity, except toeing the line; otherwise, one would be considered a sellout.

A revolutionary is described as one who advocates for solidarity. While this appears noble, those revolutionaries are slave masters. There is nothing admirable about those having accessed power through the liberation struggle.

Botswana is relatively peaceful and potentially progressive because its independence was not attained through a revolution. Also, those countries, having discarded Pan-African ideas, but adopting common sense, show some potential of recovering.

Recently, Zambia has been accused of being a Western stooge, after discarding Pan-Africanism. Zambia adopted an initiative to allow the USA to set up a military base, on its territory, so we are told. This has disturbed the Pan-African revolutionaries, viewing that initiative as suggesting the re-colonization.

To a pragmatist, Zambia’s behaviour has got nothing to do with re-colonization. The Zambians simply applied what they considered convenient for the Zambians. Those pseudo revolutionaries talk a great deal about sovereignty. But their hollow criticism of Zambia’s initiative exposes them.

If Zambia is a sovereign state, why should it listen to those talking loudly about Pan-Africanism but without showing workable results on the ground? How can a country be independent and be told what to do by the goons, assuming to be free when the opposite is true? As widely displaying this stupidity, Africa remains a dark continent.

When carefully analyzed, the long-standing African problems have got nothing to do with former colonialists. African problems are caused by Pseudo revolutionaries, the majority of who are reported as emerging from renowned universities.

They advance stupidity; describing it as progress. Castigating the whites, but engaging them behind the scenes, for nefarious deals, does not cut it. Africa would be safer and freer on the day of deciding to flush out the Pan-Africanist sewage mentality.

This requires relentless adoption of common sense, rather than listening to what the pseudo revolutionaries peddle. They hold nothing tangible on the ground, as proof of the workability of their cherished theories.

This is the time for Africans to realize that their enemies are not, necessarily, European. They are also not Chinese or anything, but the pseudo revolutionaries. The only way, our young Africans can rebrand is to propagate common sense. This starts by appreciating self-determinism.

A young man from Dotito, in Mt Darwin, having completed his secondary education, can start by examining his spiritual identity. His existence should not be described by schoolmates, necessarily. He is the only one of his kind. Rather than consider his monetary status, the young man ought to value his spiritual identity.

There is no gold, diamond or any other mineral, considered as precious as matching one’s existence. The reality of any person’s existence cannot be interpreted by other people, except himself. That is what independence entails. The pseudo revolutionaries would suggest that the young man needs Border Gezi training, to appreciate his Pan-African identity.

The pseudo revolutionaries take away his independence, granting him the so-called ideological identity. However, without ideological training, designed for brainwashing, that young man is fully equipped with natural intelligence. His potential capabilities cannot be found anywhere else.

What that young man is capable of achieving is beyond any other person’s imagination. He may, or may not pursue formal education. But he carries the potential to become what God created him to be. Authoritarians, in this world, are known to actively seek to get involved or interfere with the child’s programs.

The freedom of humanity starts with appreciating the work of Jesus. He came into a world clogged with guided suppression. Ordinary humans are subjected to slavery, without even knowing it. They assume being free, according to the interpretation of freedom; given to them by their oppressors.

“The Spirit of the Lord is on me because he has anointed me to proclaim good news to the poor. He has sent me to proclaim freedom for the prisoners and recovery of sight for the blind, to set the oppressed free, to proclaim the year of the Lord’s favour” (Luke 4:18-19 NIV).

The above Scripture highlights the kind of liberty that remains unnoticed by the common humanity. Left to be himself, that young man from Dotito could turn out to be among the greatest musicians, the world has ever known. He could be a sportsman, an inventor, or become any notable achiever, that can be imagined.

The same applies to other young men across the country. Pseudo revolutionaries suppress such information. Instead, they highlight mineral resources as more valuable than human beings. When brainwashing the youth, they insist on describing colonialism as having been the only cause of wickedness across the world.

The youth would then be told that they are the vanguards of revolutionary achievements. They would be serving the interests of the ageing revolutionaries, who fought in the armed struggle. Those youngsters would remain in their subjugated mentality, while the Chinese, regarded as friendly, are allowed to mine freely, in Zimbabwe.

The friendliness of the Chinese nationals is contained in the belief that without them, Zimbabwe could not attain independence. However, when observed carefully, the friendliness is sustained in underhand dealings. Opportunities to mine would be granted by the beneficiaries of corrupt deals.

The brainwashed young people would be taught to know how to throw slogans, hoping to be granted leadership positions. Without training, any young person can be used as a hunting dog, as long as not aware of his potential value. This is how the pseudo revolutionaries have succeeded in destroying African countries.

What makes the pseudo revolutionaries worse than the colonialists is that they are least considered anathema to African development. I am not sure of how the Western nations feel when the stupid propaganda about them is advanced by those pseudo revolutionaries? But most blacks remain subjugated by former colonialists, through falsehoods by those pseudo revolutionaries.

The only difference between blacks and whites is skin colour. The envisaged lack of African development is a result of listening to propaganda, advanced by pseudo revolutionaries. Information such as this; needs urgent cascading to most of our young people.

Andrew Masuku is the author of Dimensions of a New Civilization, laying down standards for uplifting Zimbabwe from the current state of economic depression into a model for other nations worldwide. A decaying tree provides an opportunity for a blossoming sprout. Written from a Christian perspective, the book is a product of inspiration, bringing relief to those having witnessed the strings of unworkable solutions––leading to the current economic and social decay. Most Zimbabweans should find the book as a long-awaited providential oasis of hope, in a simple conversational tone.

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