Outside intervention is necessary, in handling domestic disputes

This cannot be debatable to any normal woman, constantly terrorized by a husband gone berserk. Outside interference is a right that is internationally recognized. The problem with insanity is that it is contagious. When constantly terrorized by her husband, a woman may end up assuming that living under the condition of brutality and abuse by her husband is normal.

Our Zimbabwean situation is extremely queer, as recently alluded to, by Professor Jonathan Moyo, during his interview with Magamba TV. Although having been a ZANU PF apologist, Professor Moyo was baffled by the MDC behavior. He was referring to what happened during the GNU in the period 2009 to 2013. The MDC forces, comprising a parliamentary majority, could not advocate for the electoral reforms. Professor Moyo mentions that he often gets criticized and blamed for what happened, rather than blame the sleepy bunch of lawyers, within the MDC.

In 2007 Morgan Tsvangirai was almost murdered in police cells, but without having committed any crime. He and his party went on to win the elections in 2008 but was denied access to power. The then MDC T leader thought it was saintly to not even sue, for wrongful arrests and being terrorized in police cells. Let alone hundreds of people murdered for campaigning for him and the MDC T party. As far as the MDC T party was concerned, it was unpatriotic to seek outside intervention.

But what crowns it all could be the constitutional draft façade, hoodwinking the general public that the new constitution would handle all our problems. As to how much money was blown, in that arrangement, is anyone’s guess? Interestingly, the constitutional draft document, accepted in a referendum, retained the presidential executive powers.

All our problems in Zimbabwe are a result of the power held by the executive presidency. With its majority in parliament, this could not have been a cause for concern, for the MDC. This ought to have been understood by a party, appreciating the mandate given to it, by the Zimbabwean populace.

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As to why the majority of Zimbabweans could not see the façade in that constitutional draft arrangement, may be viewed mysteriously, but very clear indeed. There was an alternative voice by Professor Madhuku. But the partisanship loyalty demanded that what was said by MDC had to be supported, even though abnormal.

For those seeking to understand the nature of our problems, they should not look further than this reality. The Memorandum of Agreement, facilitated by SADC, sought to balance the executive authority between Mugabe and Tsvangirai. But ZANU PF, as Jonathan Moyo can agree, realized that MDC T had never been a formidable opposition party, after all.

The executive authority, having been arranged as to be shared equally, between Tsvangirai and Mugabe, turned out to be another façade. What appears as obtaining on the ground is that our Universities are producing uneducated graduates. What can be said of graduates that are unable to apply what is expected of such degree holders?

This is serious, requiring deep introspection by educational institutions in Zimbabwe. This may have been deliberately designed that way, by ZANU PF, so that our educational system produces pliable fools? It is not a secret that during the GNU, ZANU PF continued treating MDC T as an opposition. This was as ZANU PF noticed that the MDC T accepted that tag, without complaint.

Today, it is not surprising that the constitutional document facade portrays, as one of its signatories, Douglas Mwonzora. This is just as now commonly observed, in the treachery of this man from Manicaland. Douglas Mwonzora has suddenly become officially recognized as an opposition leader in parliament. Clearly, Mwonzora now appears as endorsing the ZANU PF agenda of a one-party state.

Donald Trump, although considered as behaving insanely, by most people, after the outcome of the elections in the USA, his tenacity is commendable. In Donald Trump we see a goal-getter, going all the way, attempting to steal the election, after losing to Joe Biden. Whatever was his cause of tenacity and motive, the passion and zeal that he exuded is something I find emulative.

MDCA, under the leadership of our young and charismatic leader, Nelson Chamisa, appears as on a positive trajectory. But, because of the undue heroism accorded on the late Morgan Tsvangirai, the MDC Alliance party continues to reel in confusion. There are those suggesting that the most effective thing to do is to cut ties with the legacy of Morgan Tsvangirai.

But others are quick to point out the fact that doing so, would give Mwonzora the leverage to wrestle power from Chamisa. Inferring that all MDC structures would have then been conferred to Mwonzora. This is a conundrum that the considered brilliant lawyers, in MDCA find difficult to handle. However, any normal person would agree that principle is senior to expediency.

The much-cherished legacy of Morgan Tsvangirai includes the idea of not looking for outside intervention. The terrible violation of the constitution and the abuse of the Zimbabwean people continues unabated. In fact, when considering that the late Morgan Tsvangirai won the 2008 elections, after having been bashed in prison, one sees the origin of an uncultured trend.

Today, Honorable Job Sikhala looks poised for heroism. As far as the Zimbabweans are concerned, heroism is associated with being abused by the ruthless ZANU PF government. This is not different from a woman who refuses outside intervention, preferring to be abused by her insane husband. How about heroism that seeks to solve problems, without losing lives?

Why should heroism be conferred only after having gone through torture, rather than for facilitating an orderly environment? The constitution provides a means for administering order and justice. I suppose this world needs good communicators, rather than martyrs? Many people died during the liberation struggle. Why should there still be a continuation of deaths for our freedoms?

What seems amazing with most black Zimbabweans is the depth of colonial slavery, ingrained in their minds. This is even after having gone for forty years as an independent country. Barak Obama, of African descent, was one of the successful presidents of the United States, for two terms. Most of our African people say he was manipulated to protect American interests. Nothing is said of a white man, Donald Trump, deprived of running for the second term, by ordinary voters.

If a person of American descent were to win elections in Zimbabwe, the same psychopaths would suggest he would be influenced by Americans.  Such people talk of racism, being practiced by the whites, yet brazenly promoting racism in their own territories. What could be wrong with a white American running for presidential elections in Zimbabwe, if Obama was allowed to do so in the USA?

Human beings are still human, regardless of racial background, or skin color. Zimbabwe is said to have received billions of dollars, whose usage cannot be accounted for, from the USA government. This was in the form of free aid, since independence. Instead of appreciating such donor funds, why not go for that which makes America able to afford donating to alleviate our poverty? This, to me, is the simplest common sense, requiring not stretching for anything else.

Of course, the psychopaths would be quick to pounce on people viewed as suggesting imperialistic ideas. Nevertheless, there could not have been anything wrong, with adopting the American constitution, rather than splashing millions, during the COPAC exercise. The American constitution could be adopted and altered only on areas that suit our environment. The reason being that the American constitution has had a workable track record of over two hundred years.

It can only be a myopic psychopath, influenced by paranoia, assuming that copying good ideas from others, is unintelligent. Why should America, having provided billions, in the form of free aid, still be considered unfriendly? This is when also considering that China has had to be allowed to loot big time. Yet having not done as well as America has done, supporting our infrastructure.

This should not be misconstrued as suggesting that free aid is good. But, why should we suspect those helping us in our financial difficulties? Yet trusting those whose agenda is to loot, at the expense of our people? Wisdom lies in copying best ideas from other nations, living out what would be unacceptable. Instead of appreciating free handouts from America, Zimbabwe ought to have adopted only the best practices that make America able to donate to poor countries.

A woman with an abusive husband does well, when seeking outside intervention, to solve her marital problems. Through wise counselling, that marriage could be salvaged. The husband could turn out to be a good husband, after all. Alternatively, the truth might reveal him as not being the right person to co-exist with anyone. Hence, the divorce proceeding facilities could as well be found to be necessary.

Alert others about domestic violence with this hand signal for help Watch | Hindustan Times

There are those who are antipathetic of ZANU PF, without desiring to confront what is wrong with them, through the established courts. Understandably, those courts appear as currently captured by the state, as now viewed that way by many people. But why not constitutionally challenge such wrong practices, rather than rant and rant unendingly? What bites seems to be the process of corrective action, rather than just complaining without doing anything about it?

The rhetoric, “we are our own liberators” does not fly, as independence was attained in 1980. To initiate another revolution, would be to recycle the same stupidity, translated into churning out “Chunhu chedu” ideas. The unlawful arrests should not necessarily make those arrested, heroes. The way to solve problems, arising from the ruling party’s deliberate violation of the constitution, may require intervention from outsiders. That is, after failing to get justice from our own courts.

In a civilized world, the intervention should not necessarily, attract military forces. The question is on what to do, when the governing authority violates its own constitution, despite having been sworn in? The international intervention could easily handle this, just as the GNU was facilitated from outside. A country with civilized people cannot submit to being governed by criminals.

Nothing should stop an independent country from adopting best ideas from other countries. The real reason for failure to adopt ideas from outsiders can only be insanity. What is patriotic about boasting of sovereignty, when citizens are not allowed to become masters of their own destiny? Our problem is as easy as coming out of the confusion of paranoia.

Engaging outsiders requires good communication skills. The story of the Good Samaritan summarizes the idea that human beings should not discriminate against each other, on the basis of race or tribe. The most insane thing is remaining in slavery, thereby unable to take up the position of also contributing towards the survival of other fellow humans.

This idea of self-abnegation, assuming that whites are more privileged, should be brought to an end, as a matter of urgency. It is true that ZANU PF is full of thieves, but, which country does not have thieves? What is wrong with Zimbabweans is behaving as if we are a country without laws. Even though our constitution might be flawed, it carries workable provisions. There is a need to put more pressure on the judiciary system, before looking for intervention elsewhere.

We do not need another liberation anymore, as we got our independence in 1980. What is needed now is educating our people to understand the principle of responsibility. This, coupled with the willingness to confront what is not right with the behavior of those in government, gives us true sovereignty. Why are Zimbabweans avoiding confronting, head-on, the clear violation of the constitution by a few criminals?

There is no doubt that those criminals need help, to come out of their criminalities when using the laws of the land. There is no reason to continuing to treat the constitution of 2013 as if it is non-existent. What does the constitution say about those violating it, through the facilitation by competent lawyers?

There is no need to always blame ZANU PF for not adopting the provisions of the constitution. It is the duty of every citizen to see to its adoption. When failing to take responsibility, one can even be badly scalded, when failing to handle a cup of hot coffee. This is the time that Zimbabwe should come out of the condition of being a laughing stock of the entire world.

Andrew Masuku is the author of Dimensions of a New Civilization, laying down standards for uplifting Zimbabwe from the current state of economic depression into a model for other nations worldwide. A decaying tree provides an opportunity for a blossoming sprout. Written from a Christian perspective, the book is a product of inspiration, bringing relief to those having witnessed the strings of unworkable solutions––leading to the current economic and social decay. In a simple conversational tone, most Zimbabweans should find the book as a long-awaited providential oasis of hope.

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