The mystery embroiled in works of the womb

It was the womb of an unknown woman that produced the towering giant, Goliath. Yet, another woman’s womb produced David, the triumphant king of Israel. But the Bible is silent about the two women whose wombs produced such historic men of the Bible.

Why did God meticulously produce Goliath in a possible sinful woman’s womb? Obviously, God knew that Goliath would present serious challenges to God’s people, Israel?  But God does not create or develop anything without specific purpose.

“And we know that for those who love God all things work together for good, for those who are called according to his purpose” (Romans 8:28) (ESV).

Here, Paul reveals what may be the most important datum, for the enlightened ones to appreciate that even negative developments can produce goodness. There is nothing that God allows, except when intended to accomplish His purpose.

Women are despised. But women are used by God to bear children with potential of being history-makers, either for what is appreciable or what is unacceptable. Whatever the case may be, God remains in charge, producing according to His purpose.

Mary, whose womb was not different from the womb of Judas Iscariot’s mother, produced the Savior of humanity, Jesus.  God developed Jesus’ fetus in Mary’s womb, similarly to how God developed the fetus of Judas, who betrayed Jesus. No-one exists without the Creator’s involvement.

 Human fetus in utero at 8 weeks

The most important information is that there is nothing that God creates, or allows to develop without purpose. Those conscious of their own personal existence ought to appreciate that it’s not by accident that they exist. Every human being is valuable, regardless of background.

The story of Jesus took place some two thousand years ago. Although this was the most important historical development the world has ever known, people continue to unnecessarily grope in darkness.  They fail to appreciate the significance of Jesus, considering Him as having not been like us.

Humans continue to live with false information, confirming that ordinary humans were created to live for themselves. Without realizing that they were created in God’s image, humans continue to love those things that God abhors.

The things that God loves, humanity use every reason to despise. God loves life, but most humans are only comfortable with what leads to death. This is why the misinformed ones even view abortion as progressively acceptable. Ironically, death is undesirable to humanity. Life, as provided by Jesus, is rejected by most people.

The formation of human beings is within women’s wombs. The development of any fetus, up to the point of birth, remains mysterious, until Christ’s second-coming. The development of the fetus is in God’s domain, just as the appearance of Jesus was in God’s domain.

If Jesus’ birth is mysterious, why is any other birth not regarded as equally mysterious? Jesus, having been born of a woman, was God’s son and yet being also the son of Man. What other light do humans need; to appreciate that when similarly born, humans are also God’s children?  God is the only one involved in the development of any fetus in any woman’s womb, just as was the case with Jesus’ fetus.

Treating Jesus differently causes misunderstanding, even among those regarded as theologically informed. As Jesus directly identified with God, theologians take that as meaning that Jesus should be viewed as different.  They assume that, unlike Jesus, humans only indirectly identify with God.

But, if Jesus was born of a woman like all of us, why should humans view Jesus differently?  What’s wrong with identifying with Jesus, who even calls us His brothers? Jesus declared that He directly came from God. But, if humans did not come directly from God, where did they come from?

In a world, so advanced in education, do people still believe that the ancestral spirits are involved in developing fetuses in their mothers’ wombs?  Nevertheless, as Jesus was born of a woman, we are also born of women.

The same process, needed for our development in the wombs of our mothers for nine months, was the same process needed by Jesus, in His mother’s womb.

In the spirit of pretence, theologians try to convince everyone, in that Jesus is different from us. They invalidate the fact that, like us, Jesus was also born of a woman. Yet, the mission of Jesus was to help humans to re-establish their son-ship to God, who created them in His own image. [Why the doctrine of Trinity is questioned]

Jesus is our gift of life from heaven.  In Jesus we learn and understand Godly principles. Instead of concentrating on limiting Jesus to His Trinitarian identity, theologians ought to indulge in revealing Jesus as our gift of life from Heaven.

Jesus declared that He was the bread of life, sent from Heaven (John 6:33). Having groped in darkness since Adam, humanity is now blessed, with Jesus as gift of life, lost at the Garden of Eden.  The celebration should not be limited to establishing Jesus’ Trinitarian status, necessarily. But that, through Jesus, humans receive that which was lost at the Garden of Eden.

The reason why people respect others ahead of some and despising others in favor of others is because they do not believe in Jesus. They claim that, as a perfect man from Heaven, Jesus could not be like those they despise as horrible sinners.

But Jesus was identified with, and stood in the position of the worst criminal ever—Barabbas (Matthew 27:15-22). Such people are not clear of which Jesus they talk about. They behave like theologians, driving people’s focus towards Trinity, rather than Jesus’ identity with us. If this is not one of Satan’s deceptive schemes, what could it be?

A pregnant woman cannot control developmental processes of a fetus in her womb. That process will remain mysterious until Jesus’ second-coming. After celebrating the child’s deliverance, women know; the Child’s future is in God’s hands.

The child may become an instrument of God, but the same child may also become a hardcore criminal. Only on rare occasions do fathers produce children in their own likenesses. Children have potential to either become better or worse than their parents. God, as their Creator, is the only one knowing their destiny, whose safety lies in truly accepting Jesus as personal Savior. [Seven principles of a successful marriage]

When Jesus claims to be the way the truth and the life (John 14:6), He bases that on Him having come directly from God, who created humanity in God’s image. Groping in darkness, since Adam, humans have at last, found true liberty and identity in Jesus. Satan will never be comfortable with such revelation, just as he also could not rejoice on Jesus’ successful mission.

Of course, those vigorously opposed to such information may be sincere, thinking they stand on God’s side. Yet they would be devil’s instruments. Those responsible for Jesus’ crucifixion also thought they stood for God. But whatever God’s enemies decide to do, true Christians know that “All things work together for good, for those who love God” (Romans 8:28).

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