False data stripping, towards true leadership

The current civilization is replete with false data that need stripping. Sadly, while expected to enlighten, the current educational system contributes to the enforcement of false data. True education ought to lead an individual towards discovery of true identity. You may have heard statements like:

“You have to be born a leader to be a leader.”

While accepted as true, this is false data. But we have to first define what a leader is, before exposing falsity in this information. A leader is one who initiates a workable idea that attracts others.

After demonstrating the workability of that idea, one becomes an authority. As pioneer and project leader, the initiator attracts others to then become his/her followers. A leader is different from a manager who simply follows rules prescribed for him/her to maintain routines.

Without followers, one is not a leader. Ideas can be as varied as there are multitudes of diverse people in the world. To attract admiration from other people, the person’s project has to carry what benefits them.

All humans are born leaders

Each person is a leader. But, unfortunately, most die without ever identifying with their potential, due to suppression by the so-called authorities. Each individual, with peculiar skills and abilities, is a leader in his/her own right. To assume that another person is not qualified to lead is as ridiculous as suggesting that God is not qualified to lead. That person was created in God’s image and only God has a clear purpose for him/her. Basically, all problems emanate from lacking this datum.

Who am I and what is my purpose on earth?

Each individual ought to ask him/herself the above question. Our educational system is defined by the so-called educational authorities. Study implies cramming what they approve, before granting you with a certificate; without which, you are condemned as uneducated. Outside the lenses of the educators, one is condemned and dies without ever knowing his/her purpose of existence.

All this is caused by the dissemination of false data. Another human being cannot be qualified to invalidate another person, also created in God’s image. In short, the so-called educated people are not leaders, even though holding the recognized educational degrees. They take confidence in projecting their educational certificates, instead of their true worth, as benefiting other people.

One does not need an educational certificate to be educated. Jesus was a teacher, speaking as one with authority, yet without educational certificate. A leader provides what attracts admiration from others, not as defined by educators, necessarily. One’s true identity and purpose have got nothing to do with authorities. It is appreciated by an individual, who received it from the one who created him/her. When fulfilling it, ordinary people get satisfied.

Like the Pharisees of Jesus’ time, the educational authorities may ridicule you, due to lack of appreciating who you are. The jealousy that they exude is a result of them not having recognized their own potential. Jesus’ educational qualification was recognized by deeds, not by certification.

A truly educated person manifests peculiarities that make him/her stand out as the only one of his/her kind. Unfortunately, this information does not necessarily identify with this world’s educational system.

A true leader appreciates other leaders

A truly educated person does not envy others, but appreciates them as complementing own abilities. He/she also does not despise other people. In Exodus 4, God appointed Moses to become the leader of Israel. The major concern for Moses had been his inability to speak well. But God assured Moses that Aaron’s  speaking abilities would effectively serve Moses’ leadership functions.

Desirably, a leader is expected to speak well. God could have empowered Moses with such abilities. But, instead, God assured Moses that Aaron would be his aide, on speaking functions, even though Moses was the leader.

Moses was to lead Israel. But Aaron was also a leader in his speaking function, so that Moses depended on Aaron. This helps us appreciate that each person is a leader, serving to complement others in their own capacities. God never created anything without a purpose.

Even plants are in their variety for diverse purposes. The same applies to animals and other species. Humans are no exception. But humans have to individually discover their respective divergent purposes through Christ, the only true educator.

Christ is available to help humanity discover their own respective potentials in this life. This is what God’s Kingdom implies. Those accepting Christ become leaders in their own rights.

1 Corinthians 12

This scripture highlights God’s Kingdom in God’s church, whose members hold specific spiritual gifts. Paul exposes stupidity, associated with projecting superiority of a particular spiritual gift over others.

He likens this to one body limb projecting itself as superior to others. Or, the other body parts recognizing one specific limb as more important than the rest. The body parts of a human being serve to complement each other, for the entire body to function well.

Unfortunately, in today’s churches we do not see 1 Corinthian 12 arrangements. Pastors/bishops, in some cases, are actually, worshipped and this, regarded as normal?

Ordinary members are regarded as inferior. Their own spiritual gifts are suppressed. Everyone is expected to comply with the pastor’s directives, in order to promote ‘unity.’ Indeed, such arrangements promote unity, but for the purpose of deception. Those people get united in stupidity.

Ideally, church members are identified according to spiritual gifts. And those gifts are granted by Christ, not according to the pastor’s prerogative. This is why Jesus says there is no Rabbi in God’s church, which is a miniature of God’s Kingdom (Matthew 23:8-12). Every member is responsible, according to their respective spiritual gifts.

Brothers and sister complement and edify one another, through those respective responsibilities. All glory belongs to Christ. A true church is not a religious organization, with priesthood functions. But it is a Kingdom, comprising members with respective spiritual gifts.

This is why Jesus is King of kings and Lord of lords. Peter says we are heirs of the Kingdom (1 Peter 2:5). But bear in mind that heirs of the Kingdom do not hold educational degrees offered by educational systems of this world. Only God knows to what extent the educational system of this world is faulty. But all false data will have been fully exposed, at Christ’s second coming.


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