The battle is lost or won in the mind

The opposition politicians cried foul, stating that ZANU PF rigged, after they lost the 2013 elections. If that was true, then the rigging was actually achieved through the airwaves—the media.  I suppose the opposition politicians could not figure out the magnitude of the media, in controlling the actual voting populace.  See the following link:

The same principle can be used in winning or losing the battle for spiritual salvation. A human being is composed of the spirit, soul and body. The spirit is the actual person, who dwells in the physical body. In other words the physical body is a temporary dwelling of the real person who is the spirit, the image of God. The soul is the most important component, in that it is the medium between the body and the spirit, used for determining the value of information, on behalf of the individual concerned.

Information first comes by hearing and seeing, using physical ears and eyes. That information is then transmitted to the spirit, by the soul, which, in our analogy, plays the role of media. The spirit is the real person who uses the mind to evaluate the information whether pro- or contra-survival. However, if the information is sensual and therefore, more pleasing to the physical body, the soul may decide to succumb to the wishes of the body, so that the spirit (the real person) is defeated.

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The mind is divided into two: The analytical mind and the subconscious mind, which is not analytical.  The subconscious mind is reactive, based on past experiences, whether painful to the body, or sensual. The subconscious mind reacts against anything that is filed, as unpleasant to the body. Yet the same subconscious mind reacts in favour of whatever has been filed, as pleasant to the body.

The unpleasant experiences, when filed into the subconscious mind cause a person to react irrationally to anything with unpleasant memories. The subconscious, or reactive mind rejects memories with unpleasant experiences, without even rationalizing whether the information would be pro-survival, or contra-survival.

The physical body transmits to the soul, such unpleasant experiences, which get evaluated and rejected by the subconscious mind, within the soul.  The will-power within the soul, then by-passes the spirit, causing the rejection of the data, without effective evaluation by the analytical mind.

Similarly, the subconscious mind files pleasurable experiences, as long as sensual to the physical body; causing the soul to be biased towards the body, against the spirit. Most of what is repeated as habit is actually driven by the subconscious mind, which it approves without considerations of the analytical mind.

The analytical mind, being used by the spirit, is more important in our survival. It censors the information that is potentially harmful to the individual, by evaluating between either what is contra-survival or pro-survival. This could be by way of selecting the type of music one listens to and also the type of material one reads on daily basis, or how one chooses pastime habits.

Music is most effective, when considering that David, having been acknowledged as man after God’s own heart (Acts 13:22), consistently kept himself engaged with songs of praises to God. David did not have much room for negative thoughts. His mind was saturated with Godly things, as his soul was constantly disseminating pro-survival information that nurtured the real person—the spirit.

Just as media is most important in controlling a nation, the soul, as media, is also important in controlling human behavior, either towards the flesh’s desires or spiritual desires. The function of the soul comprises three components; the mind, the will and emotion. The spirit uses the analytical mind for the soul to decide on what is either pro- or contra-survival.

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The most important of these three components of the soul is the will power, guided by the mind power to evaluate things. The will power decides on what is adopted by the individual.  The emotion also influences the soul, in support of the mind and the will-power. As playing the media role, the soul, using these three components holds the destiny of the individual concerned. This is just as the media is so important in shaping the destiny of a nation.

The purpose of Jesus is to win souls of humanity; not their physical bodies or spirits, but their souls. Jesus desires to win people’s souls, which take the role of media in disseminating information. The soul that effectively uses the analytical mind to evaluate information through the spirit (the real person) saves that individual.

The only thing that God cannot control is the will-power of an individual. This is why Jesus needs to win the soul of an individual first; so that the will-power of that individual can then be predisposed to Godly things. Jesus could not seek to win the spirit of the individual without considering the soul, first. That would have been violating the right of that individual, deciding without cohesion.

Jesus also did not necessarily seek to win the bodies of individuals. When on earth Jesus healed people, but the intention was to cause them to appreciate Him as their Messiah. However, thousands of those, healed through His miracles, could not be found among His disciples after His resurrection.

The contingent, after Jesus’ resurrection was a mere 120 disciples, appearing on the day of Pentecost (Acts 1:15). The actual number could have been 500, as Paul insinuated later (1 Corinthians 15:6). But that is still a small number, when considering the thousands that were healed or affected by His miracles. This is because miraculous healing is not an end in winning souls of humanity (See here).

Having lost the soul at the Garden of Eden, the miracle of re-capturing the soul had to be through Jesus, reversing what is in the subconscious mind. Jesus serves as what, in the computer language, can be described as reformatting the disc to remove the unwanted data. In this case, the unwanted data is the garbage that is filed in the subconscious mind.

While the soul plays the media role, Jesus is also the only medium between God and humanity. Whatever, is presented to the soul, should be weighed against what Jesus taught. This is because Satan also competes against pro-survival information that needs evaluation through the soul.  Some of the erroneous information may sound good, but being deceptive.

As long as the information does not align with what Jesus taught, it is suspect. To easily access the pro-survival information, the spirit needs to reconnect with the Holy Spirit, through the facilitation of Jesus Christ, the mediator between God and humanity.

There is a lot of information out in the world—both good and bad. Wisdom entails effectively evaluating, as to whether such information aligns with Christ’s teachings or not.  Some of Satan’s information is sweetened, as to attract the majority, being deceived.

Like any deceiver, Satan knows how to package his material, to effectively compete with what Jesus taught. Only the wise avoid deception, using the analytical mind on all presented information.

It is only in recent years that I discovered that there is a lot of what appears as subscribing to sound Christianity, when in actual fact, being the opposite of what Jesus taught. Tradition and habit go hand in hand and both need to be vigorously checked against the teachings of Jesus.

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