Are White Farmers better than Black Farmers?

This is the time that ordinary members of ZANU PF should come out of the slumber of falsehood. Mnangagwa should not be regarded as one correcting the errors of Robert Mugabe on the land question. But only the insane people would buy the tomfoolery, as clear as appearing to be.

The white people have never been an enemy of ZANU PF. The enemy of ZANU PF has always been the idea of democracy. The reason why the whites didn’t say anything when Zapu was being massacred, is because Mugabe had always been for the whites, rather than the suffering black masses.

Those whites may, actually, have given him ideas on how to deal with Zapu, only on one reason that Zapu party posed a threat, in terms of democracy. Just like today, MDCA is a threat to ZANU PF, not for anything else, except posing a democratic threat. Hence the shameful activities that prevail in our country. Although such stupidity should not be blamed on ZANU PF alone.

We are all to blame for the mess that prevails. All this comes from an inability to take responsibility. Agreeably, people were killed, through deliberate terrorism by ZANU PF, as manifested in the Gukurahundi debacle. But, surely, ZANU PF could not have done that without the support of the general populace? This is the time everyone should be honest with what prevails.

The emotive question of land, as being handled by Mthuli Ncube should be regarded as the last straw, in terms of treating Zimbabweans as fools. No-one is entitled to abuse other people in that manner. Everything is in our power to correct such misbehaviour if understanding the principle of responsibility. Zimbabwe cannot be for parcelling to foreigners who have their own share of resources in their own countries.

The number of white farmers has dropped to about 200 from 4,500 when land reforms began 20 years ago [File: Zinyange Auntony/AFP]

Those peddling falsehood that whites are better farmers than black farmers, speak from the position of ignorance and stupidity. Or, rather, choosing to be ignorant for purposes of political expedience? When Zanu pf took land from white farmers, it did not give it to competent black farmers. The land was given to Zanu pf supporters who were not, necessarily, competent farmers. This had nothing to do with the objectives of the land reform program—for purposes of making use of the land.

The narrative that white farmers are more competent than black farmers is hogwash. It comes from Zanu pf supporters who have always supported whites, in the first place, for purposes of thwarting democracy. The problem we have is that most people get excited by terms like “ZANU PF is a revolutionary party” and take that for substance when it is just but smoke and mirrors. To me, Zimbabweans are Zimbabweans, whether white or black.

This is the time to wake up and realize that this foolishness should not continue. We have already lost a generation of our young people, through this carelessness. For how long should we continue being hamstrung by a party of “Chunhu chedu” cult? It is wrong even to suggest another revolution. The main opposition party, MDCA should be serious in educating people, rather than continuing to play victim to ZANU PF.

What is wrong in our country should not be determined by the skin-colour. Of course, intelligent people know that there is nothing like absolute rightness or absolute wrongness, in this world. The determination of what is good, should be based on the principle of the greatest good to the greatest number of people, rather than the greatest good to the minority. This has got nothing to do with the consideration of race, whether white or black, necessarily.

After forty years of having been independent, Zimbabwe should not be found still debating on matters of democracy. George Charamba is right in saying South Africa is too junior, in terms of educating Zimbabwe on matters of democracy. The only problem lies in Charamba’s interpretation of democracy, which is premised on the provision of the greatest good to the minority. Such an interpretation is based on insanity, rather than the universal understanding of what democracy entails.

Zimbabwe belongs to Zimbabweans, comprising divergent races and tribes. But a civilized person does not even talk about tribal or racial demography. That person talks about what benefits Zimbabweans, on the basis of the provision of the greatest good to the greatest number of those Zimbabweans. This is based on common sense, globally accepted by normal people, regardless of political affiliation.

I hear there are those still peddling an idea, suggesting that our country is blessed with good agricultural land and mineral resources. That sounds good, but not coming from intelligent people. What determines the quality of any country is, purely, human resources, as opposed to inanimate objects. The starting point is the adoption of democracy and constitutionalism, according to what I outlined on the following link:

Those who are not angry with what is happening in our country, need urgent psychiatric help. But that does not mean picking up arms to fight this stupidity. It also does not, necessarily, mean engaging in all-night prayers, which, primarily, ought to be done on the basis of exercising responsibility. That is the only way to correct the stupidity that has prevailed in our country, over these years.

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