A thriving democracy is closest to God’s Kingdom

The nature of problems in the African continent is caused by the inability to allow democracy to thrive. Very few people are able to think independently. The power of influence by others has always been the enemy of humanity. Each individual seeks to behave according to the idolized individuals. Lack of freedom is manifested in that each person applies his thoughts according to the idolized individuals of society.

Hence, what appeals most, is to be on top of other people, rather than being at the bottom. Being idolized is what makes a lot of sense to most people. The source of self-centeredness is the assumption that dominating other people is what brings freedom. But the idea of dominating other people brings the opposite, based on the axiomatic principle established by Jesus:

So in everything, do to others what you would have them do to you, for this sums up the Law and the Prophets” (Matthew 7:12) (NIV).

Each person, regardless of background, is peculiar. A child born today is potentially capable of making a positive impact in other people’s lives. Most people are not aware of their individual potentiality. Therefore, a child born today gets defeated, as also adopting other people’s identities, rather than his/her own. There is no principle in the idiomatic expression, “like father like son” in this universe.

Of course, a son can copy the behavior of his father. Just as the same son can copy the behavior of any other person, making it his own. All problems of humanity start with the inability to adopt one’s own identity, in terms of peculiarly intrinsic abilities. No other information can be above the knowledge of being created in God’s image.

The basic attack on the freedom of any child starts with authoritative parental care. The parents assume to be more knowledgeable than their children. Those parents are, themselves, the victims of suppression, adopted from their own parents, as well. The evil chain has remained effective since the time of Adam. Hence humanity is under the siege of mental slavery.

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In society, we have three noticeable types of personalities, of which the two, are responsible for all causes of confusion. The first personality is represented among those stuck in the past. Such people believe in subjugating those living in the present time, desiring that they also live in the past. That type of thinking is psychotic but can be assumed as normal, even by those living in the present time.

The preoccupation of the psychotics is ensuring that everyone in their surrounding joins them in their past conditions. This is not difficult to see in Zimbabwe. The young militant ZANU PF supporters are willing to die for those in their twilight years. The most difficult thing, if not impossible, is to consult the common reasoning of those youngsters.

This answers the reason for turbulence, at the mention of G40 in ZANU PF—for those desiring to understand. I suppose G40 was premised on enabling young people to come to the present time, and assume responsibility. Persuading those youths to appreciate that the past is gone, is like telling them to lose their identity.

Bear in mind that such youngsters would have been drilled to be suspicious of those living in the present time. When the G40 idea was tossed around, it automatically unsettled the psychotics, paranoic of those living in the present time.

The psychotics are few; but are dominant as to influence the pliant neurotics, described as the second personality, in this analysis. Within the society, there are those willing to behave according to the whims of the suppressive psychotics. For lack of a better classification, the second personality can be categorized as neurotics.

Such neurotics are easily influenced by the psychotics, to also believe in the past. As benefiting in the present time, the neurotics are willing to die fighting against the future. To them, everything is normal, as long as they are well-fed today.

Regardless of the future consequences of their nefarious actions. It is impossible to persuade the neurotics to consider the future, as they draw comfort in the present time. Again, this is not difficult to see in our Zimbabwean situation.

We have the crafty politicians who promise these neurotics some good living or bribing them to politically support them, without any other justifiable reason. Such neurotics can also be under the grip of the so-called influential religious leaders, “Men or Women of God”. Whichever way, those neurotics are easily bribable.

They get fascinated by miracles, hence popularizing those dubious mega Christian organizations. They are willing to part with their income, in the form of tithes, as long as promised to receive “God’s blessings.”  Their giving is not influenced by natural instinct for benefiting others. They desire to receive “blessings” for their own benefits.

The neurotics are, actually, promoters of corruption. They aspire to be rich, interpreted according to the accumulation of wealth to themselves. They do not believe in benefiting others, except themselves. The effects of being dead or alive, makes no difference to them, except getting manipulated for the benefit of the crafty psychotics of society.

The only solace for the neurotics is in the hope of being salvaged from their state of slavery. Provided they become willing to relinquish their deplorable behavior and access help, even from websites such as this one. All they need is proper education so that they can discover their own potential.

It is common knowledge that there are those frowning at achievers, but celebrating the losers. Even among family members, the unbridled enmity is common—showing natural hatred against those considered as achievers, within families. Most losers are willing to engage in ritual murders, in order to attain the status of being viewed as successful.

The most recent narrative of Tapiwa Makore, currently stocking the newspaper headlines, leaves many people gasping. This is caused by inadequate answers on how such things could happen in our civilization. Nothing is uncommon with such conditions, as revealing the crooked nature of our society.

The wicked governing system, reveals such behaviors, on a daily basis. All criminal activities confirm the existence of the psychotics, who assume that freedom comes from suppressing other people. Iniquitous activities remain, as long as some people hold the false data, manifesting in the unworkability of self-centeredness.

In short, it is impossible to apply democracy, when unable to distinguish the tenets of altruism, as compared with the apparent benefits in self-centeredness. Church leaders, manipulating the vulnerable ones, are as common as the abused church attendees would be willing to die for such abusers.

All these malpractices confirm the existence of evilness in society. But where did that evilness come from?  Most of such behaviors are adopted as culture in the dark continent of Africa. But the roots are, obviously, grounded on self-centeredness.

Even the talented people; think in terms of manipulating the admirers for gain, rather than granting admirers with the benefits of their talents. It is always about self-benefits rather than the betterment of others, due to suppressive conditions.

The weaklings and hoodlums of society, appear as satisfied, without prospects of hope. Success is derived from dominating other people. This is predictably acceptable in the eyes of common men. Idolatry thrives, due to considering other people as more superior, or holier than others.

Self-centeredness is common on the African continent, as causing dictatorships. While also prevalent among other races, as affecting the general living standards of humanity, self-centeredness is more common in Africa. This behavior, also incapacitates the value of democracy, where the majority are inclined to authenticate non-survival conditions.

The improperly acquired wealth cannot be sustainable. The assumption that wealth is sustained in dishonesty, drives ruinous political activities. Corruption is what causes democracy to be a mockery, due to the prevalence of psychosis and neurosis.

Nothing is more important than engaging in programs that eliminate causes of mental illness, on this planet. The third behavioral condition is altruism, only found among a few people. Altruism describes a state of normalcy. This planet has got no hope, without those preoccupied with altruism.

Only the altruistic people should be entrusted with democracy, which should be understood in the context of altruism. Democracy should not be driven by self-centeredness, which is a route towards hellish conditions. Ordinary people need education, in order to become politically conscious of the need for proper governance.

When fully aware of the need for good governance, the altruistic people exercise due diligence, in electing responsible legislators. Such legislators would be drawn from people of high integrity, having the interests of the people at heart. They legislate according to the survival needs of the ordinary people, across the nation.

The starting point would always be with the electors of those legislators. Unless such electors hold some integrity, unwilling to be easily bribed by crooks, the country remains doomed? This is what determines the workability of democracy. As long as interpreting dignity, as implying caring for fellow humans, democracy is the most effective method of governance, next to God’s Kingdom.

A human being was created in God’s image. All qualities of Godly character can be found in humans. Failure starts with the inability to appreciate that no-one was created as more important than others. Where others are assumed as less important than others. This was addressed by Jesus, in His instruction to the disciples:

“Jesus called them together and said, ‘You know that the rulers of the Gentiles lord it over them, and their high officials exercise authority over them. Not so with you. Instead, whoever wants to become great among you must be your servant. And whoever wants to be first must be your slave–just as the Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve, and to give his life as a ransom for many'” (Matthew 20:25-28) (INV).

Apparently, Jesus taught the principle of God’s Kingdom, based on altruism. That principle projects the truth in that a human being was created in God’s image. The new civilization disallows forming a negative opinion about another fellow human being. That which is seen by physical eyes is not what was created in God’s image.

Of course, this can be rejected by ordinary people, reasoning that God is above democracy. This is what has trapped the religious Christians, waiting and hoping for the second coming of Jesus. By abdicating their Christian responsibility to change the existing conditions for the better, those seemingly devout Christians, are also condemned together with sinners of this world.

The most important viewpoint is appreciating that, regardless of background and circumstances, all humans were created to add value to others. Each person existing on this planet should assume the responsibility to benefit others. The value of each individual cannot be compared with anyone or anything else.

While desirable in helping other fellow humans, money cannot be more important than those using it to help others. One becomes doomed when assuming that money is more important than him/herself. True survival is possible when considering the value of other fellow human beings.

The following two questions can help in assessing what qualifies the status, of one’s condition of living: 1) In all my existence in this life, have I been happy that I live? 2) In all my existence in this life have most people been glad that I live?” The positive or negative answer to the first question highlights the potentially most miserable individual, or possibly already living in squalor.

While the same may also apply negatively to the second question, there would be hope. Nevertheless, the positive answer to the second question, highlights the happiest individual, even in this life. This is the person who makes a difference in this darkened world of sin. Everything starts with the elimination of the desire to dominate other fellow human beings.

One could be considered as privileged when highly educated. But as long as failing to apply the principle of altruism, that educated individual is valueless. The desire for dominating others is a mindset that contradicts integrity. Nevertheless, eliminating the desire to dominate other people, mirrors the new civilization, as established by Jesus, through his disciples.

Altruism focused on the direction of survival, rather than death. Just as the nemesis of altruism—self-centeredness—focuses on the direction of death, rather than life. The only reason why even the properly executed democracy cannot match God’s Kingdom is the existence of ignorance.

Good results of democracy require a full understanding of the significance of either voting wisely or unwisely. This is what makes a difference between the rich and poor countries. Being trapped in physical nature, most human beings cannot think independently. They are influenced by others, rather than establishing their own capabilities, according to their own potential worth.

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