Introducing the Dimensions of a New Civilization.

Dimensions of a New Civilization

Dimensions of a New Civilization

The Dimensions of a New Civilization represents God’s Kingdom, which transcends all views of religion, politics, culture, gender, class and status. This blog sets itself as the spring of life, from where people with diverse problems can obtain relief and restore their dignity and hope. It is transcontinental, multiracial and transgender and home to every human being.

While the author uses the Holy Bible as his stable datum, any workable views that answer questions of survival are similarly treated, even though not generally cited in Biblical scriptures. Life is precious and belongs to God regardless of the person’s background, as all human beings were created in God’s image.

Service is viewed as most senior to every aspect of life. People connected to this blog will be served, but will also be helped to discover opportunities to serve others. Good life comes from the ability to serve, more than one can receive service from other people. The New Civilization is more about appreciating the principle of service. Readers will be shown that love is not self-seeking and regards other people as though better and more important than self.

All issues of life’s challenges will be answered. While I commit myself to handle every problem and deal with specific cases of survival nature, solutions may not necessarily always come from me. There are as many workable solutions to life’s challenges as there are people with diverse backgrounds on this planet. As long as your desire is to serve, enabling your life to be meaningful, you are connected to the right people and you can be assured of discovering the most satisfying purpose of your life.

You will receive regular posts that answer questions of life’s challenges, whether career, political or religious conflicts. These include social problems like teen-age, parenting, marital, child-rearing, work related or anything that opposes survival. You can also share whatever is of survival nature by clicking the contact us button or by using my other social network links.