Is Trump administration good or bad news for Africa?

The white supremacist philosophy, appearing as being promoted by Donald Trump, may soon gain momentum, even across the world. It resonates well with those susceptible to racism, regardless of which race they belong.  The problem is that very few people are able to analyze facts from falsehood.

The downside of the recent USA election results is that it seems to resuscitate the racial tension between blacks and whites. Apparently, it is not impossible to regurgitate unpleasant realities of the past histories.

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Among white people you have those who carry the erroneous datum that whites are naturally more intelligent than blacks. Yet, among blacks you also have those sustaining that belief, even by desiring that they were born white.

Before bringing up what truthful datum entails, let me state that the emergence of the Trump administration may be good news for Africa, as long as false datum is curtailed.

When listening to Donald Trump, it can be easy to associate him with a racist class. However, if guided by truth, one may agree with everything that he says. For instance, is it not true that all terrorist activities have been tracked from the Moslem countries? If so, what is wrong with isolating and vetting people from Moslem countries, with an intention of dealing with the problem at hand?

Also, is it not true that the Mexicans are associated with drug trafficking into America? If that is true, then what is wrong with attending to that problem by ensuring that there is no free entry into America, from people associated with drugs and lawlessness? Is it also not true that Africa is associated with bad governance?

Is it not true and embarrassing that since independence, in Zimbabwe, our beloved president has been capping thousands of graduates, every year? Yet, as Donald Trump says, we are not even ashamed of importing matchsticks?

For a problem to be a problem, it has to contain a lie. The only thing that sets people free is truth.

Donald Trump says the African people hide behind education, in foreign lands, enjoying the comfort existing in countries like USA. True; what is education, if one is unable to accept the responsibility that goes with it? The wrong datum has always been that education was designed to enable people to live comfortably in this life. See [The greatest civilization emerging in Southern Africa?]

The bitterness that most of our black African people display against the white’s supremacist policies cannot benefit anyone. There are even those associating bitterness with revolutionary struggle. When bitter, but good at highlighting white racism policies; that can be considered Pan-Africanism? Most blacks would, therefore, view that behavior as progressive. But that is false datum.

On the other hand, Donald Trump’s mission of making America great again, is misplaced. The greatness of a nation comes from its ability to accommodate people from other nations. In as much as most Americans will admire Trump administration policies, those serve only to reduce the greatness of America.

Donald Trump’s supporters are just as ignorant as some black people, associating wisdom with fleeing from their own countries, instead of addressing what is wrong. Anyway, America may never be the same again for those Americans. But, unfortunately, not on the positive side.

If the Trump administration goes ahead with implementing most of what is promised, then worst things will soon take place in America. The intention of Donald Trump is to clean up the mess, but the opposite is sure to result from such policies.

One just hopes that those were just rhetoric statements, not intended for implementation. Otherwise, all the admirable things, about America, will soon be reflected only in history books. Others will interpret this as prophecy of doom, but it is analytically true.

However, I take what prevails in America, as great news for Africa. Donald Trump’s policies will help lift up most African countries to their rightful positions and Zimbabwe is going to be one of those countries. There are so many intelligent African people, yet residing in USA and other European countries. Unfortunately, the majority of them may have already lost their African citizenships.

The racial tension that will soon emerge in America will drive most professional Africans to think of going back to their countries of origin. Also, as it had been the trend for the Zimbabwean graduates to trek across foreign lands, looking for greener pastures, the reverse may soon take place. The slogan of Donald Trump will manifest itself among most of those African countries appearing as prejudiced. Virtually, that slogan will qualify as identifying with: “Let us make African countries great again”.

For the Americans, my view is that the Democrats had better policies that could have sustained American greatness. However, the ugliness of democracy, could not give those people chance to implement those noble policies. What I can actually affirm here is that democracy has provided disaster to the Americans, which, obviously, the majority of them are not aware of.

Is it true that Whites are superior to the black people? If so, this is sustained by falsehood, as entertained in Trump’s camp. Those people speak from a position of naivety.  Of course, Donald Trump talks like a businessman. But a country cannot necessarily be run along those lines.

A business organization is run on principle of choosing the best for rightful positions. However, a country does not have that kind of liberty, as its natives are comprised of good and bad people. It is only a question of how to put in place the system and mechanisms of administering such conditions. This may highlight the possible challenge on Trump administration. Punishing the considered negative people, does not bring good results at all.

The evasive truth is that all humans were created in God’s image. None is better than others. Only the background shapes people to be what they were not created to be. The pigmentation of a person has got nothing to do with the potential quality of that individual. It is only insanity that leads everyone to believe such lies.

A human being is spirit and cannot be identified by pigmentation. My own evaluation of God’s creation is that different skin colors, among people, serve to teach principles of tolerance and inclusion. Self-centered people focus more on what benefits self, instead of what benefits others. This describes failures of African people, including those whites who entertain racism, either overtly or covertly.

The value of an individual can only be evaluated by the extent at which other people benefit, not necessarily how much one benefits from other people. You are great when most people benefit from your contributions and you are not great when you focus on receiving from other people. But at the end, both the giver and the receiver are valuable.

No person can be great without anyone to give to. The receiver is valuable to the person who enjoys the greatness that comes with ability to give to the receiver. The bottom line is that both are created in God’s image and deserve equal respect. Nevertheless, the dignity of humanity lies in ability to add value on other people; easily achieved when maintaining the principle of giving.

While the giver learns the principle of giving where there are receivers, he/she also receives the value of humility, derived from associating with poor people, who are natural receivers. The destination of humanity is spiritual. There is no value in maintaining what we think belongs to us in this world, except to use it in learning the principle of giving.

This is what most of those in Donald Trump’s camp fail to realize. They will go down in history as having succeeded in reducing USA to a shameful condition, when their intention had been to uplift its condition to better heights.

As for the Zimbabwean people, this is the time to take stock and use Donald Trump’s mockery as an advantage, to prove that black people are just as human as white-skinned people, if not better. God created us with different pigmentations, but with different talents and gifts that may yet to be discovered, among most people.

Andrew Masuku is the author of Dimensions of a New Civilization, laying down standards for uplifting Zimbabwe from current state of economic depression into a model for other nations worldwide. A decaying tree provides an opportunity for a blossoming sprout. Written from a Christian perspective, the book is a product of inspiration, bringing reliefs to those having witnessed strings of unworkable solutions––leading to the current economic and social decay. In a simple conversational tone, most Zimbabweans should find the book as a long awaited providential oasis of hope.

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