Keys held by Church of Scientology

Most Christians get gripped with paranoia, at the mention of Church of Scientology. Like various Christian denominations, I suppose the Church of Scientology carries its share of irregularities. But I desire not to dwell much on irregularities, except on things that add value.

A few years ago, I hobnobbed with this peculiar organization, considered as another religion of the world. However, I found nothing religious about Scientology; the term of which can be simplified as ‘science of knowing how to know’.  I was taken through several training drills which transformed not only my Christian understanding, but also my skills in problem-solving.

The drill that had some impact on my Christian perspective is one called ‘Obnossis’ Drill, coined to mean “Observing the obvious.”  This particular drill teaches how to observe, without making assumptions. The instructor takes you into a metropolitan city or any scenic environment, asking you to describe objects, as you see them. You get flunked (unable to pass) when making assumptions, other than what you observe without any shadow of doubt.

For instance, you may state that you see a woman standing.

“Flunk!” the coach booms. “Who told you that what you are seeing is a woman?” 

You would then try to reason that the features appear as concluding that the person would be feminine.

“Flunk!” the coach retorts. “Is it impossible for a male to have feminine features?”

The drill is maintained until the student is able to describe the object without suppositions or assumptions.  In our example the pass is only achieved when stating: “I am seeing a human being, wearing female cloths.”

The drill is repeated on next objects, for several days, until the student flowingly describes things observed, without assumptions. This is one of several varieties of drills that, if carefully followed through, the student discovers positive cognition. One’s life can never be the same. Issues of racism, tribalism or any kind of poor judgment get eliminated.

Holding a highly decorated Masters degree in engineering does not make one an engineer, until the undeniable proof of bridge-construction is manifest. This, of course, would not necessarily imply that a person holding the certificate is not qualified. But the person may, as well not be qualified, though holding a certificate of qualification.

Titles, associated with achievements, as esteemed by most people, cease to be of significance, but demonstrable results. The drill participant invalidates even the testimonials of professional examiners, as satisfied only by his/her own personal evaluation. Only tangible results are acceptable to a student of this kind of drill.

This is just as a fanciful iPad, is useless in the hands of a person without knowledge of its usage. The value of that gadget is recognized only after the prospective user gets sufficient education to appreciate its value and usage. However, as ignorance invites ridicule, the ignorant ones pretend to know, when the opposite would be true. As hinted in my previous [post], most people are obsessed with desire to impress, not to express.

Also, recently, a friend told me that during the dissident menace of the early eighties, any person who spoke Sindebele was regarded as dissident. The person could have been of Shona origin, but regarded as dissident, as long as speaking Ndebele. The wrong label is caused by inaccurately disseminated information.

Black Zimbabweans consider all whites as racists, without any other reason, except the white skin color. This is just as some whites consider all blacks to be uncivilized and corrupt. A Christian pastor is viewed as holier than everyone else. People get astounded when pastors get convicted of rape or some other nebulous scandal. In most third-world countries, political leaders are regarded as super humans, ahead of ordinary people.

But what is even more bizarre is when fellow blacks despise their own fellow blacks, in favor of other races! How can one explain the black government’s rebuttal of a black Zimbabwean’s claim of discovering the science of manufacturing a helicopter, for instance?  Remember, the government refused even to examine the credibility of the claim, on reason of protecting aviation laws? The story would obviously be different; if the technician had been Chinese, or some Western European.

The worst enemy of humanity is ignorance; all complicated by inability to analyze data. Crooked politicians take advantage of such skewed reasoning.  In politics, people vote for criminals, due to inability to analyze the character of those politicians. This includes acceptance of dubious pastors, purporting to represent Christ, when the opposite would be true.

The principles of Scientology drills may not be marketable to those used to taking everything for granted. But they provide practical solutions to all problems of this world, including existent deceptions in Christianity. Education is not as complicated as most people assume, except that it is riddled with falsehood, throughout.


Andrew Masuku is the author of Dimensions of a New Civilization, laying down standards for uplifting Zimbabwe from current state of economic depression into a model for other nations worldwide. A decaying tree provides an opportunity for a blossoming sprout. Written from a Christian perspective, the book is a product of inspiration, bringing reliefs to those having witnessed strings of unworkable solutions––leading to the current economic and social instability. In a simple conversational tone, most Zimbabweans should find the book as a long awaited providential oasis of hope.

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